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Birdman Productions. Suddenly it is 24 years, too many miles, never enough birds.
At Birdman Productions we make films about birds and tell stories that change peoples lives.

After a talented Producer for PBS said to me, "We've got to do something together", I was in.... So at some level of collaboration, we began to develop a series of shows for PBS. I've now realized this is the goal of my life. To share with you, the thousands of beautiful birds and places I'ave been able to travel too and share their stories too.

Worked for over 5 years with Cornell Lab of Ornithology, after 10 years of complete free-lance in the Wildlife/ Natural History filming arena. I've been so fortunate to film from Tierra del Fuego to Resolute Bay in the high Canadian Arctic. At one point, the Lab had over 40,000 clips of my footage on line.

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