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Bill Bishop is the CEO of Bishop Communications Inc. and the creator of The BIG Idea Adventure™, an advanced coaching program that helps entrepreneurs grow their business by creating, packaging, and promoting new high-value BIG Ideas.

He is a coach, keynote speaker and workshop leader, and is the author of many best-selling books, including How To Sell A Lobster (now sold in 25 countries in 12 languages), The Problem With Penguins, and his latest book Beyond Basketballs. He was also the author of Strategic Marketing For The Digital Age, the first book ever published about e-commerce and Internet marketing.

Over the past three decades, Bill has helped more than 5,000 entrepreneurs develop, package and promote new, innovative, and profitable business ventures. He is extremely enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, innovation, and is always looking for new unconventional big ideas that work. He also believes our economy, and every person, has unlimited potential for growth and prosperity as long as we are willing to think differently, try new things, and have the intention to truly help people.

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