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  1. 01:07:19

    Claudia Hart

    by bitforms gallery

    15 Videos

    Claudia Hart (b. 1955, New York) has been active as an artist, curator and critic since 1988. She creates virtual paintings that take the form of 3-D imagery integrated into photography, animated…

  2. 01:08:14

    Yael Kanarek

    by bitforms gallery

    14 Videos

    Yael Kanarek’s (b. 1967, Israel) creative practice centers on the fundamental hypothesis that language and numerals render reality, and that this reality is an entirely subjective unified field.…

  3. 28:31

    Manfred Mohr

    by bitforms gallery

    13 Videos

    Manfred Mohr (b. 1938, Germany) is known as a pioneer of the digital art genre. A co-founder the "Art et Informatique" seminar in 1968 at Vincennes University in Paris, he discovered Prof.…

  4. 40:32

    Erwin Redl

    by bitforms gallery

    10 Videos

  5. 17:26

    Beryl Korot

    by bitforms gallery

    8 Videos

    b. 1945, New York, NY Lives and works in New York, since 1969 Recognized since the early 1970s as a pioneer of video art and of multiple channel work in particular, Korot explores the physical…

  6. 16:32

    Siebren Versteeg

    by bitforms gallery

    5 Videos

    b.1971, New Haven, CT Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY Siebren Versteeg employs algorithmic programs to access, extract, and distill from a vast library of online imagery, which he presents as…

  7. 16:06

    World on a Wire

    by bitforms gallery

    5 Videos

    Marco Brambilla, Daniel Canogar, Yael Kanarek, Tim Knowles, Mark Napier, Casey Reas, and Marina Zurkow Jun 28 - Aug 3, 2012 bitforms gallery is pleased to announce a summer group exhibition that…

  8. 09:23

    The Birdwatchers

    by bitforms gallery

    3 Videos

    "The Birdwatchers" Gabriela Albergaria, Jeffrey Blondes, Adriana Salazar, Marina Zurkow Curated by Laura Bardier "The Birdwatchers" is a group exhibition featuring work of four…

  9. 20:46

    Lynn Hershman Leeson

    by bitforms gallery

    3 Videos

    Lynn Hershman Leeson (b. 1941, USA) is a recipient of the 2010-2011 d.velop digital art and 2009 SIGGRAPH Lifetime Achievement Awards. She also is a recipient of the 2009 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial…

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