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I grew up in the Copenhagen suburb Greve, a city of 50.000 inhabitants, which divides the cityscape from the farm land on the brink of the Danish capital. My path from I was born in 1977 went from the suburbs to the city through high school, the arts and literary studies at the University of Copenhagen and finally The Danish School of Media and Journalism, where I graduated as a photojournalist in 2009. In between I have worked as an electrician, a dishwasher, a care helper for mentally ill adults and a staff photographer.

In 2009 I travelled to the Tulun Islands in the Solomon Sea and stayed with the locals in their bottomless huts for a month. Later the same year I had an opportunity to invite one of the chiefs to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, where he spoke on two occasions. I have travelled the world extensively since 1998 with a predilection for Latin America – especially Mexico City. I am fluent in Danish, English and German and speak Spanish on an intermediate level. I was in my early twenties when I became interested in photography, and my personal projects have their roots in a long tradition of photojournalism, which has sought to expose social inequality and bring unknown worlds to the consciousness of its readers.

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