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Blackchair Digital is a visuals consultancy that aggregates, distributes, and exhibits moving image digital art content for viewing across multiple platforms and environments.

Blackchair Digital is expanding to serve the rising popularity of ambient media and digital art in public and private spaces delivered via in-home and personal digital devices or digital-out-of-home or DOOH signage systems.

We curate and produce from a pool of international artists with whom we have established relationships over
the years. We act as a "virtual agency" - this allows for maximum diversity, creativity, flexibility and affords our clients an excellent value proposition.

The thematic possibilities for visuals are endless but we primarily produce moving images that are non-narrative in nature - or ambient media (and often without sound). Ambient media is designed to be featured in the background or periphery of the experience. At the same time, it must be compelling enough to engage us on a more intimate level. Brian Eno, pioneer of ambient music and creator of ambient media mentioned, "it (ambient media) must be as easy to ignore as notice".

Founded in 2000 as part of Microcinema International, Blackchair Digital is now an independent entity.

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