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Brooklyn, NY

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SHALAKO L. GORDON is an Award Winning filmmaker and the owner and CEO of BlackFeet Films, Inc. BlackFeet Films strives to create opportunities through independent productions (i.e. film, television or video) utilizing its abilities and talent to challenge the marketplace.

Mr. Gordon has worked in film and television for the last twelve years.

Shalako has just completed the highly anticipated short film, “The Truth About Lies.” “The Truth About Lies” is a powerful yet wonderfully entertaining story, complete with an amazing cast and once again helmed by award winning director, Shalako Gordon. “The Truth About Lies” was shoot with the amazing RED camera. The same camera used on such films as Steven Soderbergh’s “Che” and “The Girlfriend Experience,” “The Informant” starring Matt Damon, “District 9” and many more. Making the transition from editor to director was almost seamless and Shalako’s latest film is truly an example. Having written, directed and co-produced, “The Truth About Lies,” Shalako is currently developing a feature length film called “FLAWLESS.” as well as an online series titled, "FATHERS & SONS."

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