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La BlackHouse in Nantes, opened in May 2009.
La Blackhouse do Sessions with bands, which is basically filming one band, one song with an audience, a BBQ and packs of beers. We have created the place to shoot indie rock'n roll bands of all kinds on a special decorated stage lit by a colored- bulbs Arrow. Films are done by La Blackhouse associated with a bunch of filmmakers, artists, camera operators, editors, sound engineers such as Gregg Bréhin, Jean Depagne, French Tourist, Jonathan Kingsley Seilman, Pakito Bolino, Gaetan Chataigner, Stephane Elmadjian, Jerôme Adeline, Marco Tsypkin, Schweppes, Sebastien Marquez, Doumé Maillard. Website done by Matthieu Billaud.
Blackhouse Session created and done by Didier Poiraud, Eric Pifeteau, Enid Pifeteau Gay and Astrid Serafini

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