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I'm a 3D Generalist TD/CG Supervisor with more then 10 years of professional experience.
I’ve worked on various projects and for different companies all around the world having the chance to meet great artist and people from every country.
The need to face always different challenges and my ability to adapt myself to various companies working pipelines and tools, has given me the opportunity to test different approaching techniques in searching the right solution for the problems that I faced from time to time. So I have become a very all round generalist (with great problem solving attitude) capable to analyse a production in every specific aspect having also the opportunity to lead and supervise a team of artists.
I am an ACP (Autodesk Certified Professional), an AAI (Autodesk Approved Instructor) for both 3DSMax and Maya and an Autodesk consultant on all the Media & Entertainment suite since 2008.
I always want to face new challenges, comparing with major situations and professionals cleverer than me, who I can learn from and I can realize with, very high quality products.
Just because the computer graphic is my great love since I was a child and as it is the work of my dreams, I can assert I’ll always do my job with my greatest passion and devotion.

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