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As multiple Telly, Aurora, TATOA, NATOA, Emmy nominees and Emmy winners, we pride ourselves that, not only our peers qualify our work, but our clients reap the quantitative successes that we produce for them.

We enable and define a new generation of marketing and agency strategies that use a broad spectrum of tools to produce a marketing campaign that cross many verticals. Using television, radio, print and internet - this integrated approached has been used successfully for many clients.

If it's not an entire campaign you need - we have highly focused individuals who specialize in each discipline; website & internet technology, design of all marketing collateral, film & video, radio campaigns and direct response strategies.

Does your marketing people not speak the same language as your IT folks? Having trouble with continuity across many business verticals in marketing messages and collateral? Black Olive Media can help bridge the gap.



Jason Van Sickel
Emmy Winning Producer/Director/Editor/Camera


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