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Black Owl Media is a union of family, good friends and photographic professionals. A union reminiscent of an eclectic band where each artist brings their unique flavor to the group in a glorious melding of skills and talent.
We welcome the advent of digital image capture – specializing in RED Digital Cinema, Canon DSLR, Steadicam and RC Helicopter technologies, Black Owl embraces the freshest tools available. We apply these assets to each project we approach whether it be studio commercials, feature films, music videos or highly demanding endeavors such as outdoor sports, adventure filmmaking or music festival coverage. When considering us for your project, feel confident that Black Owl Media will deliver the highest production value no matter the environment.

It was no accident that all members of Black Owl are adventure worthy, with advanced experience in rock climbing, winter sports, mountaineering, martial arts, cycling and white water paddling, our team is prepared to travel to any corner of the world and perform almost any activity to suit your production’s needs. With bases in San Diego, Santa Barbara, Lake Tahoe, and New Mexico, we are no strangers to nomadic tendencies. Our members come from backgrounds in engineering, business development and of course, film school. We have combined our collective academic backgrounds to deliver a production process that is efficient, logical and passionate.

We offer completely in-house, turnkey packages, taking each project from inception to delivery, keeping clients involved every step of the way as to achieve a product both parties are satisfied with. After all, our intensions are to spread fine imagery, inspire our viewers, make lasting, rewarding relationships with our clients, and most importantly, ensure everyone involved has a great time working from concept to completion.

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