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Everything I do is directed in some way toward my calling and passions. First, I love making nostalgic and fun films of different genres. Second, I love acting; in any role that I am led to, preferably quirky character roles. Last but not least, I strive to create new, progressive and fresh music.

My gifts are:
Directing and Writing Movies, Acting, Music Performance and Writing, Singing, Composing, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Shooting with professional equipment, Professional video editing skills, and multiple Dialect ability.

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  1. Jacque commented on Thomas & Sophie
    Love this, one of my favorite in short films! For someone not have lived during the 60's you captured the B&W perfectly- the rest is icing on the cake! Blake hurry up and do another one!
  2. My account has been flagged for spam. I simply want to change the privacy settings on one of my videos. Help! Link: