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Boston, MA

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Blake Z. Larson is a local director and director of photography, specializing in films, commercials and music videos. Blake’s work has been shown at film festivals across the country, most notably the Sunscreen Film Festival in Florida, the National Film Challenge and the Boston 48 Hour Film Festival. A newcomer to the music video scene, the first two videos shot by Blake have already totaled upwards of 140,000 views and a series of commercials he shot for a local company were shown worldwide. Blake is a current member of the Digital Cinema Society and is a former student member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Blake has had the privilege to study under Dave DeBorde, Alyson Sherlock and Josh Bleibtreu, ASC. Blake has worked as a director of photography for directors such as Max Asayesh-Brown, Abby Berke, Alec Glass, Jesse Tuttle and a variety of commercial directors.

In addition to working as a director of photography, Blake has worked as a director on commercials, public service announcements and music videos, and is available for hire to bring your next commercial, corporate video or stunning web content to life. Blake has produced content for organizations such as, Trouble the Dog®, YMCA of the North Shore, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless and the Kenneck Foundation. Please email to get in touch about availability and pricing for your next project.

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