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For me ...
art is something that gives
Making a spirit visible, who lives
in a stone or in the trunk of a tree,
through my hands, for others to see,
composing a song
to emphasize the message
when I’m in need of something to say,
the power at the moment
of a good music session,
is where the essence of art
is embedded for me.
Look at me straight
through the curtain of sound
through entangled diction
of emotional expression
... I’m born of double fire
The roots of my soul are painted in red
A seeker on his way to higher
... ground
My intention is
to spread healing white light
The music that I am creating
is not always that bright ;-)

"Consciousness to the people - I pray
Must fight that stupidity
- through a better way
Let’s touch this earth
our mother with beauty
- I pray
Growing and giving - every day
Communication with everything living
- I pray
Must fight that stupidity
- through a better way"

"Nail | 13" ©1998 by RobSphere

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