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Blank Blank is a Berlin-based Finnish/Colombian/Norwegian creative studio, with a varied output of more or less experimental film projects under their belt. Blank Blank is driven by desire to produce engaging material without relying upon any easy ways out, and go to extreme lengths to create the "something extra" often lacking in a world where excellent resources for making film is almost universally available.

Setting sky-high goals with limited means fuels the fires of creativity; as the saying goes "necessity is the mother of invention", and with Blank Blank the necessity is the desire to create. Whether its a sci-fi trilogy for Noise rockers The Megaphonic Thrift, a ten-minute marathon of one-minute videos for Ungdomskulen's "Gimme Ten", or immersing the entire audience (and artist) in a complete visual environment for a Silje Nes performance, Blank Blank is all about making something out of almost nothing, armed with ingenuity, rolled-up sleeves and lots of gaffa-tape.

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