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Blashco is an ever-growing bastard child of Asher Refailov and Blake Powell. Though coined way back in '97, Blashco entered its 1.0 stage in 2004, when the original website launched. The earliest incarnation of blashco helped pioneer the web-exclusive content movement that has taken the internet by storm nowadays. In its span from Aug '04 to Dec '07, blashco produced over 150 shorts ranging from hollywood satires to tongue-in-cheek parodies to dozens of movie trailers to complete dadaist confusion.

Blashco 2.0, its current incarnation, consists of all the films I have made in college. This includes Comedy, Sketch (my senior thesis), an hour long sketch comedy webseries. In addition, a new South Park movie, The Rise and Fall of the Coon and a tv-series rendition of the excellent game The Last of Us. An inspirational documentary The Age of the Artist is also included in the two point oh catalog. And then there is Welcome To Eternity...

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