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I am an idealist who has not lost his ideals nor his young heart.

My specialism is in Super 8 productions and all things analogue.

A couple of things:

A) I had an imaginary friend as a child, when I lived on the Blasket island, and he was likely inspired by the then Prime Minister of Ireland who flew over us on his helicopter on the way to his island home, as Nooney, my imaginary friend, had a helicopter too.

B) My childhood and a lot of my adult life has been spent on various small and beautiful, isolated islands, courtesy of my parents. This has inspired me to be a very nature-orientated and beauty-orientated creator.

C) Yes, it's true, I've kissed Nastassia Kinski - I was a child and only an 'extra' at the time and just kissed her on the cheek. but we were in a movie together she starred in, called Revolution by Al Pacino. It was a really terrible film but I enjoyed the snow machines. Nastassia was lovely, a real lady. She is the star of Paris, Texas and a judge at Cannes.

D) I am very ambitious and am slowly finding my way, through hard work, into the film scene, hopefully!

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