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I am an idealist who has not lost his ideals nor his very young heart.

A couple of interesting things:

A) I had an imaginary friend when I lived on the Blasket island, inspired by the then Prime Minister of Ireland who flew over us on the way to his island home, as Nooney had a helicopter too.

B) I've kissed Nastassia Kinski - I was a child at the time and just kissed her on the cheek. We were in a movie she starred in called Revolution by Al Pacino. It was a really terrible film but i enjoyed the snow machines. Nastassia is the star of Paris, Texas and a judge at Cannes film festival.

C) I was conceived on an uninhabited island.

D) My mum has cooked for Princess Diana as she was a Chef on the island of Tresco and they (Charles and his bods) came to stay where we lived in the Abbey Gardens. Indeed, I saw William and Harry from my little bedroom window one morning.

E) i like to make small, real films that have integrity and visual poetry. I dislike digital only and personally prefer analogue film for its breadth of beauty and magic. When I am making a film with real film I feel like a child, full of wonder and magic.

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