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Currently working at MPC Montréal as an Environment TD, I'm still looking for new opportunities to discover the VFX industry, whether by attending conferences (Siggraph Asia, b'Ars, VIEW Conf, VES, ParisFX, #HPZ, and many more), by meeting new people or by collaborating on new projects.

Although I've got a special interest in Environments, Matte Painting & Compositing, my background gives me the ability to work on a wide range of projects as a CG Generalist.

Check out WikiFX, a side-project I started to work on more than 2 years ago while I was still a student. Through the website I'm collecting thousands of VFX Breakdowns for movies, TV series and so on, promoting VFX studios and CG artists. I also had the chance to be a media partner on several events (marterclasses, conferences, festival) dedicated to visual effects across the world:

I really enjoy hearing about new projects (about VFX or not) so feel free to contact me if I can help in any way.

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