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    i) Damianos Voganatsis' FILMS - credits

    by Damianos Voganatsis

    7 Videos

    Film is the amalgam of a team process endeavour!!

  2. 01:58:27

    ii) Media Educational Workshops 2009-2015

    by Damianos Voganatsis

    40 Videos

    Since 2009, Damianos Voganatsis has been designing & teaching in several cross-cultural Media Education-Literacy workshops for children, youth and teachers in UK, Germany, Serbia and Greece. He…

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    vi) Wedding & Baptism ~ a DOCumentary approach...

    by Damianos Voganatsis

    29 Videos

    People can be filmed naturally... Without posing, without getting any instructions... see more on www.blinkmedia.gr

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