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Bliss Records... The New Wave.
Our passion is Music!

French House, Nu Disco, Techno, House, Electronic, Dance, Experimental, All of them!

We've worked with RaFuuNka, Tinzaurus, LeBlanc Sound, Stereocool, Mad Panda, Off Da Clock, Stupid Beats, Revolvers Of Porno, Deezkonaut, PROUX, Doktor Raptor, CH1M3R4, System Kaos, KonkordBass, Toxic Play, PFF, L.D.M

Daft Punk, Justice, Gramophoedzie, Stereocool, Phantom's Revenge, Gogo Bizkitt!, Earth Wind and Fire, Queen

-Contact?, FB or Twitter
-We are ALWAYS searching for NEW talents!
-You are designer? Video Producer? We are searching you too! ;)

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