While summer is typically thought of as a time for fun in the sun with ice cream cones and pool parties, it’s not. It’s serious business, guys. Sometimes even scary business.

So as the summer vacation season fast approaches, we thought it was important to create a summer survival guide that demonstrates how to best navigate the dangers, while optimizing the good times. We did this with a little help from a few Staff Pick videos as visual aids. So, have fun out there, but stay safe.

Wunder Wunder - Hail the Madmen from Dimitri Basil on Vimeo.

Dimitri Basil shows us that the beach is the perfect place to socialize with friends, work on a tan, and debut that sweet speedo you just picked up. It’s also the perfect place for a sea monster to strike and toss your fellow beach goers sky high. So remember, if you’re going to strut your stuff in the sand, keep your head on a swivel.

MATT MEOLA - HOME from Matt Meola on Vimeo.

That said, if you have surf prowess like Matt Meola, you get a hall pass and can pretty much do whatever you want when at the beach. Sea monsters just aren’t a threat anymore when you can voluntarily punt yourself higher than they could ever throw you.

Lifetime Collective "Cat Lake" from Salazar on Vimeo.

Perhaps a lake is the perfect solution to cool off in the summer. Hike in and take a relaxing dip without the risk of a mutant attack, right? Wrong. Salazar shows us that lakes are riddled with monsters. Ever heard of Nessie?

LOCAL from Sean Slobodan on Vimeo.

Sean Slobodan has the right idea for enjoying those long summer days. By staying on dry land and cruising around with your friends, you can stay out of harm’s reach and enjoy skating all the way until the moon comes up, and then just keep pushing on.

Orion Beach from Campbell Logan on Vimeo.

Or maybe your safest bet is to just sit at home and enjoy the summer in the digital realm. Get all your friends together and rip around on some wave runners. Campbell Logan has gotten us pretty fired up on the idea already.


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