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Vimeo takes NAB: Tech news

Curious about what the tech buzz was at NAB 2013 but couldn't make it to Las Vegas? Here's a quick roundup!

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Video 101: Editing with iMovie

It's time to learn the basics of editing. If you're on a Mac, you can use iMovie to take your videos from your camera, all the way to Vimeo. It's really simple!


Video 101: Trimming & cutting with iMovie

Learn to use the timeline in iMovie to make a sweet video. Don't worry it sounds like a time machine, but it's much less complicated.


Video 101: Importing with iMovie

One of the first steps to editing a video is getting that footage into your editing program. This lesson will show you how to import your videos into iMovie so you can start editing your masterpiece!


Video 101: Adding transitions & effects with iMovie

Transitions and effects in moderation can really make your video pop! These can take an otherwise boring and flat video the next level. Let's learn how!

Lighting & Sound

Video 101: Editing sound & music with iMovie

You can edit the sound in your videos and add music to create a treat for your ears! Sound can really add to the feel to your videos and add a little extra emotion. Learn how!

Video 101: Adding text & titles with iMovie

Text and titles can be added to your videos to create title cards, credits and anything else you'd like. Let's find out how to do that now!


Video 101: Exporting & sharing to Vimeo with iMovie

With iMovie you can export and upload directly to Vimeo all with a few easy clicks. It's so easy that you might do it by accident.

Shooting & Gear

The year in tech: Reflections & predictions

Join some of Vimeo's foremost gear experts as they look back on the year's technology and what's in store for the new year.

Creator Stories

Creator Q&A: The Founders of One Day on Earth

Learn about One Day on Earth from the guys who created it, Kyle Ruddick and Brandon Litman.

Creator Stories

Creator Q&A: Documenting Disaster

Hurricane Sandy had a dramatic effect on many parts of the Eastern Atlantic. Read insights from a few notable video creators who captured the raw power of the storm.


Face rip tutorial

Learn how we made a gory face rip special effect scene with After Effects!