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I do content marketing things at Vimeo. Quite keen on running, traveling, Only Connect, and a proper cup of tea.

Live Streaming

What it takes to live stream a global event

Planning a live stream that your fellow colleagues actually want to watch can feel daunting. Here’s an overview of who (and what) can help make it a success.

Live Streaming

How to build an effective internal communications strategy

From live video to brain science, we got the scoop from internal comms experts on how to create engaging town halls, trainings, and live events for your team.

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Live Streaming

Why video for corporate communications just makes sense

Making sure your team is in sync, up to speed, and informed is a challenge for many companies. Fortunately, live video can help connect the dots. Here’s how.

Video Monetization

Get in the game: 2019 is the year for live streaming sports

Our new guide, “How to Build and Monetize Your Sports Video App,” covers everything you need to know about streaming sports.

Video Monetization

Movies with a mission: IndieFlix and Vimeo

Even small businesses can strike a balance of creating great content and having a reliable streaming video infrastructure.

Video Monetization

From a “rinky dink” team to a mini Netflix — meet Prodigies

Learn how Vimeo OTT has become instrumental for this kid’s music education business.

Video Monetization

How TBN’s app rating jumped to 4.8 from 3.5 with help from Vimeo OTT

Finding affordable video solutions for scrappy teams can be tricky. Learn how Vimeo OTT helped TBN, the largest faith broadcast channel, increase its reach (and app rating!) without breaking the bank.

Video Monetization

From DVD to OTT: Launching a video subscription service

As consumers continue to shift towards streaming video services, organizations of all shapes, sizes, and industries have new opportunities to grow through OTT platforms.


Volumetric filmmaking and the future of video

Vimeo Creator Labs is pushing video forward, while participating in a growing volumetric filmmaking community.

Lighting & Sound

Storytelling with sound

Sound is half of your video and a huge part of any story. To celebrate this we've partnered with stillmotion and present the Big Shorts challenge. Read up for details!


Black and white backgrounds

Solid color backgrounds, typically white or black, can help give your video a nice polished presentation. Learn the basics of achieving this sleek look.