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Big fan of words in all formats — especially Vimeo videos! — and all things two wheels.


How to hire a film crew if you're a video newb

With the right approach, you can source and work alongside a talented team to create an amazing video. Here are 5 tips for collaborating with video pros.


5 questions to ask yourself when you're hiring a video pro

Multiple talented pros are bidding on your project? Asking these 5 questions will help you find your creative soulmate for your next video project.

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Learn the art of pre-production (and why it matters)

Want a hassle-free production? Then you need a solid pre-production strategy. This post gives you the essentials.

Shooting & Gear

The basics of B-roll

Spice up your edit and engage your viewers with this B-roll refresher.


Storyboarding 101

Storyboarding your film will keep you and your crew focused on set. And with our beginner-friendly guide, you can get you started in no time.

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4 creators using Showcase to highlight their work

Thinking about trying Showcase? Get inspired with these examples from Vimeo creators you know and love.

Video for Business

These videos will grow your business

Instead of commercials, making these 4 brand marketing videos will help you grow your business today.

Video Marketing

How Artifact Uprising uses video to make an impact

Hear from Artifact Uprising’s Brand Director about how their company uses video to tell brand stories, and engage their community.

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Get to know Vimeo Stock creator Amy Kawabata

In this Q&A, animator (and Vimeo Stock exclusive contributor) Amy Kawabata talks about how she got started, the importance of creative peers, and more.

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Meet exclusive Vimeo Stock creator Raphael Rogers

Weaving stock footage and original content together, Raphael Rogers brings us his stunning new short, "Scavenger." Watch the film and see how he used Vimeo Stock to bring it to life.

Product News

How review tools simplify Daniel Obzejta’s video workflow

Daniel Obzejta is a filmmaker who relies on video review tools when collaborating with a wide range of clients.

Live Streaming

Powerful engagement and insights for your live events

Stats, better simulcasting, and more. Check out our exciting Vimeo Premium updates for our live streaming community.


Sherpas Cinema on shredding the review process

Sherpas Cinema won our award for best action film of 2017. Here’s how they collaborate seamlessly to execute high-stakes (and snow-filled) projects.


Keep it natural with these gorgeous time-lapses

This playlist proves that sometimes the weather’s worth talking about.