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Riley Hooper

Riley is a documentary filmmaker and non-fiction aficionado originally from Portland, OR. When she's not winning over our community with her helpful responses and insightful creator Q&As, she's likely busy curating clouds at

Video School

What it takes to work solo: Spotlight on Alba Lange

Being a film crew of one isn't easy, but Alba Lange is driven to create inventive videos with whatever resources she has.

Creator Stories

Introducing Kathleen Lingo, producer of NY Times Op-Docs

The producer behind one of the most well-known short-form documentary platforms shares her take on curation and the art of shorts.

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Spooky tuts: how to make shriek-worthy videos

My creepy colleagues have concocted a cauldron of spooky tutorial videos to help you make horror movie magic.

Staff Picks

Introducing: The Mercadantes

Daniel Mercadante has continued to wow us with his emotive filmmaking style.


How Eric Power made "Path of Blood"

We wanted to know: how many minuscule cuts did Eric Power suffer while making a feature film entirely out of paper? So we decided to ask him that very important question (plus a few more for good meas

Staff Picks

2014 staff favorites: "How did they do that?" edition

We selected three particularly perplexing pieces from our top 10 of 2014 list and decided to pick the brains of their makers.

Shooting & Gear

Shooting with Pentax in a new context

Photographers Antoine Pai and Matthieu Maury show us Paris through a new lens with the help of a Pentax 67.


Pingo van der Brinkloev on making "Faking Paper"

VFX artist Pingo van der Brinkloev gives us a glimpse into his in-depth tutorial series on creating a paper city animation in Cinema 4D.

Staff Picks

Paul Trillo on capturing NYC moments with a new spin on bullet-time

Paul Trillo puts a spin (literally) on the bullet-time camera effect popularized by The Matrix with his pivoting 180° camera rig fashioned from 50 Nokia Lumia phones. Look out, Keanu.


Channeling '90s video game graphics with rad rotoscoping

Campbell Logan combined rotoscoping techniques with CG animation to create a super chill music video for D/A/D's "Orion Beach."


Fix it in post: Removing the boom (or other unwanted elements) from your shot

Boom in the shot? DP's reflection in the window? Before you scrap the footage, try this neat trick to remove unwanted elements from your shot!

Creator Stories

Ryan Staake on shooting a 360-degree video, drone-style

Learn how filmmaker Ryan Staake used a drone and seven GoPros to create an epic 360° video.

Shooting & Gear

How this duo heated things up with a thermal camera

We chatted with DP Adam Donald to learn how he adapted a thermal camera to capture art, rather than science, and to take his temperature on this technology as a medium.

Creator Stories

A Q&A with the creator behind that magical snowflake video

Physics major and time-lapse master Vyacheslav Ivanov mesmerized us with his video of magically forming snowflakes. We asked him to reveal his snowy secrets.