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Who does what on a film crew?

Don't know the difference between a Best Boy and a Key Grip? That's OK! We've assembled a glossary so you can assemble your crew.


3 film genres perfectly suited for 360 video

Creators are leveraging these genres in insanely awesome ways, playing on the inherent strengths built into 360 video.

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Video School

Freelance filmmaking pros and cons

Explore all the perks, downsides, and how-tos of freelance filmmaking.

Video for Business

Boost your brand & spread cheer with a holiday video

There are tons of ads this time of year. Here are tips to make a quick holiday video that draws in eyes and sends good vibes.


All about contracts: Best practices for filmmakers

Contracts are not only great for when things go wrong, but they can help prevent things going awry from the get-go.

Shooting & Gear

The ins and outs of choosing the right lens

Get the big picture on that coveted filmmaking glass, and find the perfect fit for your video needs.

Shooting & Gear

Mastering the art of ISO

Learn how you can use ISO to *expose* incredible images and achieve your story's goals.


How to handle a creative disagreement with your team

When differences arise, take these steps to diffuse the tension, bring your team together again, and make a stellar project.

Shooting & Gear

Resources to help you find a great film crew

Need a helping hand for your next film? Here are ways to surface great people working in wardrobe, sets, sound, and more.

The terms you need to know when making a business video

With this glossary, you"ll be well-prepared to create an engaging video and measure all the right things.

Video for Business

What to keep in mind when making your first business video

Looking to reach a new audience, or get more shares, clicks, or sales? This beginner's guide will help you shape the framework.


Make your videos pop with color correction perfection

Discover the vibrant world of color correction, learn how it use it, and boost the production value of your films.


The essentials of making a masterful trailer

Joe Simon, a video-production expert, overviews six principles to help you craft captivating previews.

Video School

Is HDR the future of video?

HDR — high dynamic range — is the new term humming around the video world. What is it exactly, and why does it matter?