Why MedMen and Spike Jonze made a cannabis commercial

We got the inside scoop on MedMen’s Staff Picked brand film, “The New Normal,” which explores the history of cannabis in America.

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These videos will grow your business

Instead of commercials, making these 4 brand marketing videos will help you grow your business today.

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3 women-led businesses using video to grow their brands

Learn how three women-led businesses are leveraging video to drive their marketing efforts.

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How Artifact Uprising uses video to make an impact

Hear from Artifact Uprising’s Brand Director about how their company uses video to tell brand stories, and engage their community.

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Videos and marketing: A match made in campaign heaven

Get the most mileage (and conversions) by adding video to your next marketing push.

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Grow your audience with new tools for social distribution

Simplify your workflow by publishing videos as native social posts, and live streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

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An easier, more beautiful way to showcase your videos

A new look, a new home, and flexible privacy settings make albums the easiest way to showcase your videos.

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How Square transformed their brand without even mentioning it

In this Q&A, Square’s creative director talks collaborating with filmmakers to tell innovative brand stories.

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Grow your video subscribers over the holidays

Give the gift of video: the holidays are the perfect time of year to reach out to your fans, (and get new ones). Our tips boosting sales for your over-the-top (OTT) video channel.

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Publish videos to your social channels, instantly

Now Business members can publish videos to the native players on Facebook and YouTube, directly from Vimeo, and view social stats.

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Why live video matters for marketers

Video has long been the preferred method for online marketing. Now live streaming is quickly becoming a marketer's go-to. Here's how to leverage this exciting medium.

Live Streaming

Why SEO loves live video

Live video and SEO go together like bread and HTML butter. Take advantage and boost your live stream exposure.

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How Skillshare uses video to fuel their business

Skillshare’s CEO and cofounder, Michael Karnjanaprakorn talks universal education and working with filmmakers.

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Add experiences to your profile and showcase your talent

If you're a filmmaker you can quickly highlight your experiences, and if you’re a brand you can more easily identify creative professionals.