Video for Business

Five video distribution hacks for your release

Digital distribution eliminates all kinds of restrictions for how, where, and when you release your work.

Video for Business

Drive more purchases by running a flash sale

Give your film or series a boost, reach new fans, and drive extra revenue with a flash sale. These five tips will help you begin.

Build a video business.

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Video for Business

Six ways to engage customers with a custom receipt

Customizing the purchase experience will go a long way in engaging customers, and make them feel connected to you as the creator.

Video for Business

Fund your film: how to make a successful crowdfunding video

The nets helps with film funding, but — alas! — most crowdfunding projects fail. Here's how to up the odds of reaching your goal.

Video for Business

Why ubiquity matters

The hardest part about selling your videos online isn’t convincing people to pay for it, it’s getting people to know it exists. What’s the trick? Make it ubiquitous.

Video for Business

Earn more without ads: the math behind Vimeo On Demand

We've compared ad-based models to Vimeo On Demand to show you how we're empowering creators, straight from the numbers.

Video for Business

Reward backers, send screeners, & more with VIP access codes

Learn how to give special viewers early access to your videos with our new VIP access codes for Vimeo On Demand creators.

Video Monetization

How one rap battle crew remixed its VOD business

After rap-battle crew Don't Flop began selling on Vimeo On Demand, they were able to stage bigger events and pay performers more.

Product News

"Coming soon" pages and VIP access for Vimeo On Demand

We've added two new features to give creators like you as much control as possible over your videos and how you're selling them.


Behind the video: "Wizard Mode," a doc on pinball and autism

The creators of "˜Wizard Mode," a doc following a pinball whiz with autism, tell us about their new project and Indiegogo campaign.

Creator Stories

Meet documentary film directors Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin

Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin are filmmakers and beer enthusiasts. And it shows: Their latest collaboration is the documentary Blood, Sweat, & Beer.

Video Monetization

Case study: Harnessing star power to boost sales

Producer Adam Scorgie shares tips for making strategic connections with celebs and people with large followings to boost sales.

Video Monetization

Boost your VOD game with a seamless page display

Blend your Vimeo On Demand trailer perfectly into your page background. If you"ve got Photoshop or GIMP, it"s simpler than you may think.

Video Monetization

Making the jump: Transitioning from free to paid video

150 filmmakers came together in LA to talk transitioning from free platforms like YouTube to selling their videos directly to fans with Vimeo On Demand.