Shooting & Gear

The best types of hard drives for all stages of video production

Our friends at OWC solutions about all the gear they recommend for keeping your work safe — at every stage of your video projects.

Video Creation

How to create great video ads

If you want to push some of your best messaging directly to your customers and clients, create some quality video ads. We walk you through how to make 'em.

Vimeo can help.*

*With your videos.

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Shooting & Gear

Tips for shooting at night with a mirrorless camera

Shooting at night with your mirrorless cam? This lesson will give you the tips for making your low light shots awesome.


An intro to video file formats

Video file formats are important. From codecs to .mp4s, we're breaking down all the file things.

Video Creation

9 types of videos you can make with Vimeo Create

What video should you make for your business? We're making that an easy answer with a list of our favorite types of videos you can create on Vimeo Create. 

Video Creation

4 ways to make the most of Vimeo Create

Ready to make your first Vimeo Create video but not sure how to get started?

Shooting & Gear

The basics of image resolution

From standard definition to HDR there's a ton to know about image resolution. Let us take you on a pixel tour.


Tips and tricks for copying effects in Adobe Premiere

You can save lots of editing time (and avoid tedious reputation) by copying your effects in Adobe Premiere. This lesson shows you how.


How to format your screenplay like a pro

While there's no right way to write or format a script, formatting your screenplay correctly can do wonders for your overall production. Learn how here.

Shooting & Gear

Capturing winter sports with action cams: A primer

Claiming your free DJI Osmo Action by signing up for Vimeo premium? Here are some tips for putting it to use.

Shooting & Gear

Testing the DJI Osmo Action camera

For a limited time, we're giving away the DJI Osmo Action cam to new Premium subscribers. We took it for a spin, a whirl, and then some — here's our review.

Shooting & Gear

How to make a DIY tripod for less than $5

A quick trip to the hardware store and a couple bucks can get you steady shots on a budget. We'll show you how, here.

Lighting & Sound

Quick tips: How to get great audio without a recorder

Don't have a microphone to capture sound with? Fear not, our phones make great audio recorders. We'll show you the basics.

Shooting & Gear

Your intro to DSLR cameras

Thinking about getting a DSLR camera, or new to the idea of shooting with one? We're breaking down the basics of adding this type of camera to your gear.