Video School

Interviewing 101: Our guide to a seamless on-camera conversation

Don't sweat your Q&A's ever again. With these tips, you can focus and conduct your sharpest interview yet.

Shooting & Gear

Gear up for the holiday season with our 2017 gift guide

Our video producer shares her holiday wish list. Browse by price range or interest for the filmmaking pal or loved one in your life.

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Lighting & Sound

Let it snow: Our guide to winter lighting

The days are shorter and colder, and that can mean great things for your video. 3 reasons to love your lighting during the winter months.

Video School

Festival alert: Submit to the 2018 Disposable Film Festival

Get inspired by the Disposable Film Festival's founders' favorite films ever submitted.


Our favorite (free) video editing apps for your iPhone

Whether you’re a pro filmmaker or just starting off, these made-for-mobile editing apps can help meet your needs on the go.

Live Streaming

How to maximize audience engagement with live video

When you get it right, live video is one of the most exciting mediums out there. These 4 techniques will keep your viewers invested.

Live Streaming

The best gear for your live videos

Set you (and your team) up for success with gear that will make your live stream smooth and stress-free.

Live Streaming

Keyframes, inter frame, and live video compression

There are few topics more complicated, and more important, than compression. Peep the best practices.

Live Streaming

Live 101: Things to check before going live

Master the checklist, nail the big event. Our guide to prepping before going live.

Live Streaming

Terms you need to know to create live video

From bitrates to uplinks, and everything in between. Cruise these key terms to get you live streaming in no time.


Designing in Illustrator for After Effects animation

Follow these short, simple steps, and you’ll have complete control over your awesome graphic in no time.

Video School

360 storytelling tips from RYOT

RYOT's Travis Cook has done everything from docs on Fidel Castro and Standing Rock to 360/VR for Hulu. Now, he shares his advice.

Lighting & Sound

Perfecting outdoor lighting

Shooting outdoors leaving you in a bright fright? We’ll help you get over your fears and get that light right.

Video for Business

10 steps to greater sanity (and success) for women in film

We talked to some leading women in the industry to see how they hold their own and lift each other up.