Shooting & Gear

The best digital cameras for capturing video

From state-of-the-art DSLRs to affordable camcorders, we're sharing the best digital cameras as tested by our in-house team.

Shooting & Gear

Gear up for the holiday season with our 2017 gift guide

Our video producer shares her holiday wish list. Browse by price range or interest for the filmmaking pal or loved one in your life.

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Live Streaming

The best gear for your live videos

Set you (and your team) up for success with gear that will make your live stream smooth and stress-free.

Shooting & Gear

Gear Review: Blackmagic URSA and DaVinci

Huge updates to DaVinci Resolve 14 + a hands-on look at the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K = pure magic at Blackmagic.

Shooting & Gear

Gear Review: Canon compact servo

We came, we saw, we got a demo. Canon"s latest camera and lens are here at NAB 2017.

Shooting & Gear

Gear we're awaiting at NAB and the full Vimeo lineup

To be or not to NAB? "˜Tis hardly a question: here's the gear we're excited about, and our full schedule if you'll be there, too!

Shooting & Gear

On set at Vimeo's first 360 shoot

Get a behind-the-scenes look into the challenges, triumphs, and multi-colored balloons that arose from our very first 360 video.

Shooting & Gear

Demystifying 360 vs. VR

Learn the differences between 360 video and true virtual reality (VR).

Shooting & Gear

Learn how to shoot your first 360 video

Go from key terms, to Nokia OZOs, to wireless mics and beyond, and learn how to nail 360 video production.

Shooting & Gear

What to consider when shooting 360 video

360 video comes with its own set of challenges that may seem counterintuitive to videographers who are used to standard video. Here are five things to keep in mind on your next shoot.

Shooting & Gear

The best 360 cameras for your shoot (and your budget)

From beginners to pros, and everyone in between, find the best 360 camera for you and your budget.

Shooting & Gear

Tips for shooting 360 video

360 video is an amazing way to tell stories. Let's take a look at a few different ways you can do to make your 360 shots even better.

Shooting & Gear

Vary your video composition: 10 types of camera shots

Add variety to your video"s visuals by diversifying the way you compose your shots. We"ve got a range of different types of shots you can try!

Shooting & Gear

The ins and outs of choosing the right lens

Get the big picture on that coveted filmmaking glass, and find the perfect fit for your video needs.