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A message from Vimeo's CEO

Today, our CEO sent the following email to the Vimeo team.

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More simple, more value: Meet Vimeo’s new plans

We’re introducing new subscription plans that better match our products and services to the needs of our growing community of customers.

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Changes to Vimeo's team

On July 18, 2022, our CEO sent the following email to all Vimeo employees.

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Improving Vimeo’s policy on video bandwidth

At Vimeo one of our guiding principles is “Users First." We seek to continually improve our service by making our community’s pain points our own. 

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Suspending support for new customers in Russia and updating our content guidelines

We believe in the power of video to spread truth in a way that no other medium can, especially when the risk of propaganda becomes more dangerous.

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Understanding bandwidth on Vimeo

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Vimeo. Here's a detailed look at our bandwidth usage policy, including an FAQ.

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Hybrid work can be hard — this NSFW* quiz should make it easier

We used “science” to create a short personality test, helping you discover your workplace persona and give you the tools you need to work better.

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Our 2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion update

We're sharing our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, workforce representation data, and what we're focused on now and in the future.

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There's no “I” in VMEO.

Vimeo is officially a public company. CEO Anjali Sud shares a message.

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Our commitment to security: Vimeo’s SOC 2 Type 2 report

It’s official: Vimeo meets the security and availability standards set by the AICPA with zero exceptions listed. Let’s break down what that means.

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Statement on videos promoting election disinformation and inciting violence

We do not allow users to upload content that causes real-world harm. Here's the latest on how we're honoring that commitment.

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What’s next for Vimeo: A note from our CEO

Vimeo has an even bigger role to play in enabling professional-quality video for all. Our CEO Anjali Sud shares what's coming next.

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Important updates to our content policies for 2020

To better serve the Vimeo community, we've updated policies related to hate speech, misinformation, and more.