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3 new features to brighten your day

Andrew Pile
January 25, 2011 by Andrew Pile Staff

It's another great day on planet Vimeo, we've got some new things for y'all to play with. Let's get right into it:

Custom URLs for your videos: Ever notice how hard it is to remember specific video URLs? isn't very descriptive is it? Today we're rolling out a new option for every video that let's you specify an alternative human-readable shortcut. For example, that same video can also be reached via Custom URLs combine both your custom profile URL (in this case "staff") and a word or sentence you choose. Now your links can have some context wherever you share them. If you haven't set up your custom profile URL yet, you can do so here. To make a custom video URL visit the settings page on any video. One last note: this is only a redirect for now. That means it's purely aesthetic (no SEO value) and you will always be end up at the "numbered" version of the video page.

Better HD embedding for Plus users: Back when we made HD embedding free and unlimited for Plus users we also changed the default embed quality to SD and left it up to the viewer to choose HD. The reasoning was that in almost all situations embedded videos don't require HD resolution-- in fact embedded videos are often scaled down to smaller resolutions than our SD quality. SD videos also load much faster and buffer less, which is especially important on external webpages which are also loading a bunch of other stuff. Since making this change, complaints about loading and buffering have decreased but many Plus users still want viewers to experience their work in the highest quality. Today is your day, you quality fiends!!! Now you can default viewers to HD resolution on your embeds. Viewers can always opt back to SD resolution by clicking the HD logo in the player and that decision sticks until you turn it back on. We think this is a happy medium. Look for this setting on any HD video's embed settings page. You can update all of your videos at once on the video default settings page.

Hide your activity on your profile page This is a small tweak people have been requesting for a long time. You can now hide the activity module from your profile page. You can find this option here.

All these features came from suggestions from you, so if there's something you'd like to see added, please let us know in the request forum!



Remyyy Plus

Me trying to place a 1 cent "joke", ahah, as usual.

Jamie Dubs

I love it when you talk Vimeo to me

Dmitri's Animation

Thanks, Vimeo. I really appreciate your constant work on making this service better. I work in the industry so I know how much work and effort it takes.

Karen Abad Plus

Thanks a lot for all of these. <3 Appreciate it a lot. <3 !!!!! Miss you all.

Star Mountain Media Plus

HD embeds = awesome. Now I can send people to my website with confidence that my timelapse will be shown in its native HD beauty.

Paul Roberts

These new features are greatly appreciated :D

Shahzeb K

Unlike *cough cogh* YouTube & Facebook ew.


Thanks, the custom URLs will defintely help.

Javis Jones PRO

Thank you kindly sirs and madam's at Vimeo. Much obliged indeed. Excellent new features.

Jeremiah Warren Plus

Wow, thank you for letting me hide my activity, been wishing that feature was available for a while!

Wood Sugars

Thanks for letting us hide our activity. Don't wanna send mixed signals to our 60D and GH2 likes.
"Listen baby, they're just a friend..."


All three features: wanted. All three features: got! Thanks, chaps!

mike ambs Plus

Quick question about switching all my videos to load in HD by default:

On the default video preferences page, if I click the HD option and choose apply to *all* videos, is it also going to switch my video privacy settings? Cause I have all kinds of contacts-only videos and whatnot and I wasn't sure if *all* the settings on my video prefs page would apply. Thanks!

Daniel Hayek Staff

It will change your privacy settings based on whatever you have defaulted to on your account settings page so if you don't want to change those privacy levels you'll have to enable HD by default via each video clip page settings.


With Vimeo, HD rules. And I should say with HD, Vimeo rules. What a great symbiosis! Keep on surprise us !


Well thanks. I happy to be part of the Vimeo revolution!

Evan Gallagher

custom url's for videos is great, thank you for adding features for us nonPLUS users!!!

Travis Tindell Plus

I was just thinking about the custom URLs the other day! How cool would it be if you could do that? And now you can. Thanks vimeo for always being the best!


! yayhurray !

Sandia Lau Staff

I was disappointed that that was not a link to a god video...


the custom URLs will defintely help.


Next make all videos compatable with iPods/iPhones!!

Özcan Çelik

Finally url rewriting. Not new or hot, but its useful.


so cool!!! :) like new features!! :)))


Conveniently, the sun just come out.

Ferris Family

Yay! Now if you can just add the ability to share videos privately by URL it would be fantastic.

Robert Marty Plus

Now only if Vimeo could work with AppleTV.
This seems to be a pretty big issue.

Bruno Galan

like it. custom url for video is awesome.

What's Really Good Magazine

yeah, thought about a rewrite, but figured everyone would get the gist.

Can't wait for the next set of features

John Gottschalk

Sooo, the first I can do with anything like or or anything like that, although it's still nice, I guess.
The second is for people who complain about logical settings.
And the third is for people who are watching and saying things they don't want other people to know?

Not that these things aren't really useful, but they aren't really useful.

I'd still like to see a feature that allows you to play through several videos in a row without having to keep clicking between each one.
It would be useful if you wanted to play through a number of videos for in the background when you're working, or at parties, or watching a series of episodes, or even just to watch through your inbox.

I guess it depends on the plan as a company, are you aiming at people who are trying to distribute content, or also people who want to actually experience a large amount of the content.

John Gottschalk

Well, that would be cool I guess, just I have nothing in m inbox and it won't let me click any of the other options. Do you know what's up with that?

And how come this isn't a more obvious feature? Is it in beta or something?

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