Hiring a video professional for your next project is an exciting stage in pre-production. This is where you can dream big together — and collaborate towards a common goal. To find these amazing individuals, perhaps you posted your job on our new hiring tool, or you received recommendations from your personal network. 

Now, the dream scenario: Multiple talented pros are bidding on your project. You’ve got a strong list of reels and any one of these creatives could be a great option. This is where things get tough. Deciding on the absolute best pro can feel daunting.

But never fear! Today, we’re sharing a list of five simple questions to contemplate as you narrow down the pool of candidates. Ready to start pondering? 

1. Do you like their work?

Respecting and trusting your team’s ability to create a final product will inform every step of a working relationship. This is where you can really trust your instincts. Scan through the reels you’ve received, and don’t second-guess it. Which portfolios inspire to you? Reach out to them first. If a particular project in a reel speaks to you, ask them what they needed to get that kind of work done. Ultimately, if you like what they do, you’re going to agree on the more fundamental decisions in your project. Or, even better: You’ll trust them wholeheartedly to run with their vision.

2. Can you afford them?

This one’s pretty simple, but so important: Pay people their market rate. If you don’t, you’ll regret it — and the work will ultimately suffer. Go in with a set budget, and be realistic about what you can commit to. If the pro you want to hire has a day rate that’s too high for you, don’t try to squeeze in fewer days for the same amount of work. If you’re able, adding more days to your budget can secure you the caliber of talent you want. Just be open to hearing what your creative candidate requires to produce their best work.

3. Have they done the work you need?

Once you have a few portfolios or reels that speak to you, drill down from there. Determine what you need created, and then identify which candidates have produced that type of work. If you need a product video, sort out who is comfortable in that space. And, have they done so in your budget? If you don’t see it in their reel, but you’re really into their style of work, reach out and ask for examples of what you need completed.  

4. How do you communicate?

It takes a village to make a great video — and if that village can’t communicate effectively or solve production issues efficiently, you’ll be at your wits’ end by the time you wrap. If your early conversations with a creative pro go well and everyone gets along, that’s a great sign. Want to know how they’ll collaborate or handle conflict? Go beyond asking them how they take criticism and go for something tangible. Give them constructive feedback on their reel and see how they react. If their response jives with you, you’re on the right track.

5. What have they finished?

Idea people are amazing. They’re inspiring and necessary. But, if you need a finished video on a set timeline, you’ll need more than a visionary. Dig into your candidates’ workflows and turnaround times. Some creatives iterate quickly, while others produce incredible content with longer lead times. Get to know how your final candidates work best, and go with the person that can get you what you need when you need it.

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