Do you know what your subscribers want, what they really, really want?

If you’re running a subscription video on demand (SVOD) network, the goal is clear: get loyal customers, make great content, wash and repeat. The best way to attract new customers is to understand what your current customers like.

Our OTT technology platform helps you do this with data around your videos so you can see how your subscribers are engaging with your content. Understanding your OTT video performance can help you make strategic decisions about your future content and marketing tactics.  

1. Find your best-performing videos

Vimeo OTT customers can easily see which videos are resonating with subscribers on their Top Videos page within the admin dashboard. OTT video performance on this dashboard measures:

  • Number of video plays (when a viewer begins to watch a video)
  • Number of video finishes (when a viewer watches at least 90% of the way through)
  • Total number of minutes watched per video

You can look at all-time OTT video performance or sort by a specific time frame. Sorting can come in handy if you want to see how newer videos are performing during their first month, or if you notice a spike in customers and want to see what they are watching.

2. Offer top videos as standalone purchases

If you have some videos that are particularly popular, you may want to consider selling them as a transactional purchase for download. This is a great way to get new customers interested in what you have to offer. If you have a single title or collection that you know has been popular, you can package it and market it towards non-subscribers following you via your newsletters or social media.

To make purchasing more enticing, you can have the package available for a limited time and/or use the pay what you want feature. With pay what you want, you can set your price as low as a dollar. We’ve found that many customers appreciate the ability to support creators and will often pay more than the minimum. Some Vimeo OTT customers have run temporary pay what you want promotions for transactional packages around an event or holiday and have experienced a spike in traffic and sales during those promotions.

You’ll be able to create a new segment of customers to target after you offer some titles for transactionally. You can use your Customers Page to see who purchased the transactional package but isn’t currently subscribing to your network and send them a promo code for a special discount to subscribe to your network. Promo codes allow you to give new subscribers a temporary discount when they sign up for your service.

3. Fuel your email newsletter

If you have an email newsletter, highlighting new and popular content is a great way to keep current customers engaged and entice would-be subscribers to sign up. Below is an example newsletter that Adriene from Find What Feels Good sent to her database promoting her popular 30-day series.

You can use trackable links and Google Analytics to see which of your outreach tactics are generating the most customer conversions. Coupled with your OTT video performance data, these insights can inform future promotional strategies.

4. Highlight your top content on social media

Highlight your popular work or new content in posts to your social following. Try splicing current content into shorter, more snackable formats that can live natively on your social media platforms. Dekkoo does a great job of describing their content on social media. They describe their films and series in a single sentence to hook fans. They also link directly to where customers can access that particular title on their site.  

Looking for more tips on using video on social media? Read this: 5 tips for adding video to your social media strategy.

5. Turn your top videos into ads

If what you’re sharing resonates with your current customers, it will most likely appeal to your target audience, too. If you are investing in social ads, you can use lookalike targeting to find the people who are most like your existing customers. Instead of creating generic ads that point to your homepage, use assets from your top content and direct prospects to the landing page for that title, series, or collection.

Social media ads backends will show you how much it costs to convert someone who sees your ad into a paying subscriber. This is called the cost per acquisition (CPA), and it helps you determine whether the money you’re spending on ads is worth the value of a customer to you.

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