So you’ve made an awesome video; now, you need a plan to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The good news? Vimeo can help.

Read on for five ways our tools will help you distribute your videos near and far. Then upgrade — if you haven’t already!

1. Embed your video anywhere

Aside from being fully customizable, the Vimeo player is also built to embed anywhere, giving you the power to share your vid wherever you wish. Plus, you can tweak the settings to allow others to embed your video as well, or keep embed settings limited, so people have to come to your page to watch.

No matter where you choose to embed, when you use the Vimeo player, all your views and stats will appear in your Vimeo clip page, making it a breeze to track analytics and measure success. 

2. Distribute on social with one click

In a world of countless social media feeds and ever-changing algorithms, native video reigns supreme. With Vimeo’s publish to social feature, you can post your video natively across all of your social accounts from one central place, putting your content in front of millions of viewers with minimal legwork.

3. Add subtitles for global appeal

Going after a global audience or launching a localization campaign? Translate your video, then upload your subtitle files directly to Vimeo, easy peasy. Once you have your .srt files for your subtitles, simply log in to your Vimeo account, head to All Videos, and select the video that you’re adding translations to. Then in the sidebar, go to Distribution > Subtitles. Boom!

4. Create custom channels, web pages, and collections with Showcase

As any creative professional will tell you, it’s essential to have a simple and beautiful place to share your videos with the world. Enter Showcase, which lets you do exactly that. With this feature, you can embed video playlists, develop your own Roku and Amazon Fire channels (complete with 60 million combined users), and create custom web pages for your video galleries.

Bonus: Any Showcase can be password-protected for your team or clients, so you can keep your videos in one place even if they’re still a work in progress. When they’re ready to share, just change your privacy settings. 

5. Collect email addresses for further sharing

Make more videos. Sell more stuff.

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Email is an integral part of growing your audience, and building an email list will help you reach a wider group of engaged fans the next time you want to share a vid. So how do you grow your email list? With our email capture or embed cards, which let you collect email addresses directly from your video. Read more about growing your email list here.

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