To celebrate Pride is to be reminded that being queer is beautiful, no matter who we love or how we dress. Our identity is our own, and that is reason enough to celebrate.

In that spirit, today we’re sharing seven short films that show queer people being themselves — some at great lengths and some at great costs. These films are a reminder of how far we’ve come since the historic Stonewall riots (50 years ago this month), and how far we still have to go.

1. “RED” by Yuchao Feng

In this beautifully shot NYU short from writer/director Yuchao Feng, a teen explores their gender and finds joy and affirmation in wearing “women’s” clothing. That is, until they run into their father on the street.

2. “Little Potato” by Wes Hurley and Nathan M. Miller

“Little Potato” is a story of survival; a story about a loving mother and her gay son fleeing poverty and homophobia in post-Soviet Russia, only to find an even more complex life to navigate once they arrive in America.

3. “Maxxx” by Stevie Rappa and Nathaniel Vidal

In “Maxxx,” drag King Maxxx Pleasure explores their identity via the gender-queer community of Brooklyn’s drag scene.

4. “Headless” by Sebastian Sdaigui

Jean Carlos Pinae, Cesar Garcia, and Infinit Coles star in this portrait of three queers living their truth loudly and proudly.

5. “35” by Del

Centered around a real queer couple and their lives in modern Brazil, this music video celebrates both the joys and the struggles of their existence.

6. “The Swimming Club” by Cecilia Golding and Nick Finegan

“The Swimming Club” follows a group of trans people who support each other through the vulnerable act of swimming.

7. “Lasting Marks” by Charlie Lyne

Charlie Lyne directs this look at a 1987 police investigation, which explores the extent of homophobia and anti-gay legislation in Great Britain’s not-so-distant past.

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