“What video should I make for my business?” This is the question marketers, entrepreneurs, and emerging brands know all too well. The continuous need for fresh content (especially for social) can get overwhelming. But fear not! We’ve gathered a list of our favorite types of videos you can create with Vimeo — and why you should use them. 

With a range of categories and hundreds of unique templates, you can quickly make the right video for your business and get it in front of your customers, wherever they are.

1. Product videos

Here’s the big one. If you’re selling something, chances are you’re going to want to talk about it, show it off, and let it shine. Maybe your product or service needs some explaining. Or, you already know that including product videos on your Instagram Story leads to increased in-app purchases. These can be anything from 5-15 second Stories that last for 24 hours, to a longer-form video shared on your website homepage. Regardless, product videos are a staple for any business, there to show your people what you’re all about.

2. Explainers

Before actually selling anything, a business must clearly and quickly communicate its product or service to potential customers. That’s where explainer videos come in. These educational videos use a simple story to explain exactly who you are. Share helpful tips, walk the viewer through your production process, or inspire them with your origin story. The takeaway? You want your audience to gain a better idea of what your company does and why it’s important and relevant to them.

3. How-tos

Customer education is an ongoing process, no matter how established your business is. How-to videos provide the extra context you can’t get from a Google search or user manual. These short, instructional videos help your customers get the most out of your product. Plus, they’re an easy way to boost engagement and brand awareness. Whether you’re cooking a new recipe, building a website, or assembling a piece of furniture, Vimeo Create templates are a great way to teach your customers more about your product.

4. Company culture 

Get people hyped about your business by showing off your company culture. We’re talking employee interviews, company-sponsored events, panels, office activities, and everything in between. These types of videos give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your company’s personality — and make them want to join your team (if that’s what you’re going for). 

5. Promotions, deals, giveaways

Marketers know that promotions drive sales, period. Maximize your foot (or website) traffic and get your audience excited by announcing discounts on your products and services through video. Videos that are two minutes or less perform best, so make sure there’s a clear and enticing CTA.

6. Holiday videos 

Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day. the list goes on. Throughout the year, holidays — big and small — are a perfect opportunity to start a conversation with your customers. Peep our 2020 social content calendar for some inspiration. 

7. Big announcements 

Have big news? Are you rebranding, adding locations, or launching a new product or feature? Perhaps you’re preparing to host an event or recruiting new employees? There are endless announcements you can make with a short, energetic video. Use bold graphics and images to explain what the fuss is all about. Tack on a compelling CTA at the end and watch the clicks roll in.

8. Customer reviews 

Nearly 70% of online consumers look at a product review or testimonial before making a purchase. Build trust and give your customers the chance to tell their stories firsthand with a testimonial video. Whether it’s actual customers sharing their experiences with your product or online reviews translated into compelling customer-satisfaction stories, Vimeo Create helps turn prospects into patrons by giving them proof of your company’s value and impact. 

9. Evergreen videos

The video marketer’s bread and butter. Evergreen videos contain content that — like their namesake suggests — lasts through the seasons. These timeless videos will be of interest to your audience forever. Tips, tricks, hacks, social advocacy, brand value, and user-generated videos are just a few examples. Regardless of what you’re selling or where you’re marketing it, it’s never been easier to quickly create and share professional-quality video content across your digital channels. A few of our favorite evergreen templates are“Pasta You Don’t Need to Make,” “Health – Instagram,” and “Just good coffee.

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