The thing that gets us out of bed in the morning is videos (and the gentle marimba from our phones) — we live for the new styles that emerge each year, from the up-and-coming creators who upload to Vimeo for the first time to the soaring talents of filmmakers who rake in awards at festivals. In 2015, this rang truer than ever. Each of our mainstay categories (which you can now follow) — Music, Documentary, Animation, Travel, Experimental, Narrative, and Sports — continued to knock off our socks on a daily basis as we discovered films that demonstrated ambition in concept, ingenuity in craft, and boldness in execution. When creating a list to sum up such a strong year, we scoured through the Staff Pick archives and dove into the Vimeo On Demand catalog, revisiting the films that have affected us personally and altered our perception of what we can expect from their respective genres. With that, we are proud to present the top videos of 2015: a selection made with care and consideration, and an overwhelming sense of pride for all the filmmakers in this community that make it shine.


TAME IMPALA “˜The Less I Know The Better” from CANADA Runners-up:
Fresh Dressed from Fresh Dressed Movie  Vimeo On Demand runner-up:


“Guerilla Fighters of Kurdistan” from Joey L Runners-up:
The Look of Silence from Drafthouse Films Vimeo On Demand runner-up:


“Coda” from and maps and plans Runners-up:
The World of Tomorrow from don hertzfeldt Vimeo On Demand runner-up:


“Dubai Flow Motion” from Rob Whitworth Runners-up:


“INPUT/OUTPUT” from Terri Timely Runners-up:
Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston? from Gabriel Sunday Vimeo On Demand runner-up:


POWER/RANGERS” from Joseph Kahn Runners-up:
Charlie's Country from Visit Films Vimeo On Demand runner-up:


“Skate Heads” from Flexfit Runners-up:
View From A Blue Moon from The Orchard Vimeo On Demand runner-up: We hope you enjoy these picks as much as we did. Happy holidays and see you in 2016! Love, Vimeo Curation