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A happier iOS app

Nick Alt
May 14, 2014 by Nick Alt Alum

Let's get one thing straight: apps don't have feelings. But using the power of anthropomorphism, we can assign the human feelings of our choice to the Vimeo iOS app. It can be jealous. Or ecstatic. Or indifferent. Or the feeling it is actually feeling right now: happy.

Why is the app happy, and why now? Well, because it was just updated. And everyone loves attention. The app is now enjoying a robust early adolescence in version 4.1. Here are the big changes for you to get emotional about:

It's very Vimeo
The app has a new look and feel. That includes nicer menus, a more lightweight design, and a friendlier vibe.

Everything important is nearby
Get quick access to your videos, feed, likes, and Watch Later queue.

View and edit video info ASAP
Tap a video to see its description and metadata. You also can share, like, and add comments more easily.

More personalized profiles
Check out what videos people make and like, as well as whom they follow and who follows them.

It's a real speed demon
The updated app means faster video playback for all.

If you don't have the Vimeo iOS app, snag it now >>>

Don't worry. Be happy. Enjoy the updated app!


Christopher Tevebaugh Plus

I haven't used this yet but it looks great. It operates the way vimeo feels on a desktop. Miles and miles beyond other unnamed video sites :)

Bryan B

Hmm, Isn't working on my iphone 5s. When you click my videos, watch later, feed or likes it just goes to a blank screen.

Charles Talibard

I had that. Log out and back in again. That fixed it for me.

Bryan B

Logging out then in again worked! Thanks!

Cosmo Ray Plus

I'm having the same issue on a 4S. No content being populated.

Also, no analytics again? Bummer.


Question: If I search for something, like "bmpcc" any way to choose from Date, Alphabetical, Plays, Duration... as in the website?

Tommy Penner Staff

Not at the moment, search results are displayed by relevancy in the app.

Hold Fast Films

Great update. Way better than previous iteration but still needs a lot of work. I know you will be adding features as you go along but that was the case with previous version but nothing major ever got released.

Patricia Bernal Plus

I update the app and the sounds it's not working. Could someone help me!? The last version it was good... =/

Big City Life

Just add statistics and the app will be as great as the first one :D

Devin Sloan

I still can't see my stats in it...

Stephen Diaz Plus

Know what would be awesome for the next release? Instagram integration. Allow users to download short 15 second clips of their own videos for use on Instagram :D

Rui Pinto

It's way better than the old one! Thnks!

R&D Plus

it'd be more useful if we could see stats on it

Charlie Locke Plus

Sure.. it's a damn sight better than before.. but where is inbox/comments? Seriously, please step it up guys! I need this access on the go as well as many many others.


I'm not as clever as I though, it seems. Interface for comments isn't all that intuitive! Found it though. After a while! Cheers guys :)


How do u comment? I can't figure out either.


Could you fix the issue where every video I play freezes and sputters after instantly playing the first 2 seconds? For a company in the streaming video services it is kind of embarrassing when videos don't stream. I would rather you cache awhile if needed than do this.


Is there any way that you may be able to release a version for pre-iOS 7? I

Paul Matthew Gordon PRO

One of the most crucial things I check on vimeo is the stats (plays, finishes, stats for a particular day, etc...) Until that is added, I'll just keep going to

L Albrecht

ok, but i want to upload videos from my ipad!


I think the iPad app blows,just shows me fans and my owns stuff, what's the point!

Merzmensch Plus

If you do an Android app update, please don't forget the support of Chromecast. This would make the whole Android part of Vimeo-people endless happy . And HD support too, please.


How about a happier Android app?


Control is really what I'd need from a Vimeo app. I can do most of the above through the mobile web interface. When I'm on the go, it would be great to change privacy settings (scheduling would be amazing for launch events) and other security features.


how can I upload a video through de iOS app? I don't see that possibility anymore...


Can anyone tell me what percentage of Vimeo users are mobile users vs. desktop users?

Peter Dyrholm

Anyway to see a list of people I follow and channels I subscribe to?

Dan F

Is there a way to have video titles and descriptions show next to/on top of the poster frames? I want to search on something and then be able to see what the results are without having to select each item one by one and check the title/description

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