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A little maintenance today

Peter McArthur
April 29, 2008 by Peter McArthur Alum

We're recalibrating Vimeo's principal gyroscope at some point this afternoon. It usually takes about 20 minutes, during which time everyone will be logged out of the site. You'll still be able to watch videos and embeds will still work, but commenting, uploading, etc. will be temporarily turned off.

We'll try to keep it quick and sign everyone back in automatically.



Sean Duran Plus

Yeah, do whatever you need to guys, this site works flawlessly (unlike a major competitor of yours). It's nice to see that you care :)

Digital Cinema Foundry

I have a video I uploaded 13 hours ago and only %1 of it has been converted. Are you having problems with your render farm? I haven't seemed to have been able to get any help on it. It's here:

I'd like it fixed, I don't have enough remaining credit to upload it again. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,


Hey guys, while you are at it: Can you please fix the CSS of my new Website? This stuff is driving me nuts *LOL*


Thanks for the info!

matthew strong Plus

i'm having trouble with my account blake.
few things going wrong etc.

can you check it out for me, and let me know its all working.

can't add new channels
photos or credit to my name.
plus i seem to be frozen from many things.

maybe i've been hacked.

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