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A Very Vimeo Recap of Sundance/Slamdance 2013

Jason Sondhi
January 29, 2013 by Jason Sondhi Alum

Hello! As you probably definitely most certainly remember from a previous post on this here blog, eight intrepid members of your beloved Vimeo Staff boldly went forth into the mountains of Park City, Utah to attend the Sundance/Slamdance film festivals and report on the strange, magical things that happen there. Like any good quest, there was danger — a mere four of us are now healthy.

But dang, it was worth it! Many films were watched, many filmmakers were met, and much merriment was had. There were Vimeans everywhere we looked, so we’re excited to share work by people we encountered during our stay.


p>Blood Brother

We had been excited about Blood Brother ever since the trailer blew up on the site, so it was great to finally meet Danny and Steve and give them a high five at our party. You can only imagine how our hearts grew to twice their normal size when their film brought home the U.S Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Prize for Documentary. We’re still clapping.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts

The two-time Staff Picks alum cut quite a striking image at the Vimeo Party in a full-length fur coat, which he called his “scumbag” look. We were happy he made it out, happy that his feature film Toy’s House is awesome, and happy that CBS Films picked it up for distribution! Watch his previous effort, this awesome Staff Picked short film.

Nick Ryan

Fellow Staff Pick alum Nick Ryan got early attention. His doc, The Summit, about a fatal K2 climbing expedition, was one of the festival’s first films to be acquired, probably because it is absolutely riveting! Nick knows a thing or two about gripping filmmaking, however, as we learned in from his short film, The German which we first spied in 2011.

Alexandre Moors

Blue Caprice is the feature film debut of Alexandre Moors, co-director of Kanye West’s Cruel Summer. The film is inspired by the month-long shooting spree in the fall of 2002 known as the Beltway Sniper Attacks. Named after the vehicle the shooters used in the attacks, the film offers a dark glimpse into the minds of the perpetrators, seeking to explain what led them to carry out such violence. Above, an enigmatic teaser.

Nicole Teeny

Can’t give all the love to Sundance — we were partaking in Slamdance too! We held a happy hour in conjunction with the festival, where we made it rain, Oprah-style: PRO accounts for everyone! Even outside the party though, we kept running into Nicole, whose intriguing project nabbed Slamdance’s top documentary prize.

Julia Pott

Julia has enchanted us oh these many years with whimsical animations of anthropomorphic animals whose fairy-tale lives are just a little too…depressingly real. The Event, which we Staff Picked in August, represents back-to-back Sundance appearances for Vimeo’s beloved Brit, and naturally we had a blast hanging out.

Kahlil Joseph

Kahlil exploded on the scene in 2012, and winning a Special Jury Award in 2012 is a nice capstone, we’d say! Watch the vid the Sundance jury loved, an amazingly lyrical piece for electronic artist Flying Lotus.

Lucid Inc.

More members of the Staff Pick Club! We met Lucid Inc. at the group’s premiere screening and found the Seattle-based team of Eli Martin, Ewan McNicol, and Anna Sundilands to be truly delightful. Birdies told us that they are working on a feature film called Uncertain right now. See you in Park City again next year?

Lauren Wolkstein

Filmmaker behind my favorite short (and host of one of the better late-night condo parties), Lauren wowed with this vivid film about an interaction between strangers. It didn’t take home hardware, but awards are silly things anyway. We’ve loved her work for a long time, and will be holding her to a drunken promise that she share some of it soon! For now, a trailer.

Mahalia Belo

Ms. Belo impressed us with her colorful short, Volume, a coming-of-age tale brimming with mystery, obsession, and every mother’s favorite theme: Oedipal tension.


p>So that was our Sundance and Slamdance! What did you get into in Park City?


Brad Herring Plus

When are you all coming to Full Frame? It's not Park City but Durham is the coolest city in the south and it's the largest documentary film festival! We would love to have you all attend!

Brad Herring Plus

I'm sure we could set something up although there won't much time for sleeping...

Andrés Torres

I'm shocked much Blood Brother and volume, the human being in all its glory with its vicissitudes, social problems, a good place to reflect and find beauty in the unwholesome.

Peter Leeman

A Vimeo comment on one of my documentary shorts led to me being a co-director of a feature documentary which premiered in competition at Sundance this year. So hats off to you Vimeo! I wish I had known about your Sundance party, I would have loved to drunkenly tell you guys the whole story in person.

Peter Leeman

In short, one of my shorts about foreclosure and the occupy movement made the main director/producer on 99% The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Documentary cry, so she asked if I wanted to be a part of her feature in the comments. Sundance was a lot of fun and the film turned out really great, everyone should go see it.

Bible Quiz Movie

Thanks Jason for the shoutout! We on the Bible Quiz team LOVE vimeo and use it as a tool amongst our team members to share cuts, inspiration amongst ourselves, funders/supporters and the rest of the film community! We enjoyed hanging out with you at Slamdance and learning more about Vimeo! We hope to see you around!

Wyn Douglas

Love the staff pick posts, just ask that you make the Watch Later buttons more accessible on these pages.

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