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Advanced Statistics for Vimeo Plus!

Kevin Sheurs
March 2, 2010 by Kevin Sheurs Alum
Today we are releasing [Plus Stats](/stats), one of the most requested features by you, the Vimeo community. Stats is a project that has been in the works for a long time here at Vimeo- we knew how important this was to you and we wanted to make sure we got it just right! The new statistics backend has been collecting data for many months now (at a current rate of 175M+ data points a day and growing!) and the end result is a beautiful, intuitive set of analytics like nobody has ever seen. We've built a system that can slice and dice every metric we record on your video: you can easily visualize video loads, plays and finishes, what quality viewers are watching in (SD vs HD), what web sites videos appear on, which countries they are viewed in and played from, who likes or comments on your videos the most, and a whole lot more! You can also look at any of these stats on your WHOLE video collection. How many times have your videos been played in Sweden? It's not a secret anymore! [Plus Stats: Advanced Statistics for Vimeo Plus]( from [Vimeo Staff]( on [Vimeo]( If you are already a Vimeo Plus member, then you will be able to dive right in by going to []([](// or by going to 'My Statistics' under 'Me' in the top navigation menu. For basic users, we urge you to check out the [demo]( and get a feel for the product and the types of features we are offering. For new Plus users, it takes about 5 hours for your advanced stats to start showing up. We hope you like and find this new feature useful. As always, we would love to hear your [feedback]( Love, The Vimeo Team




Christoph Schaarschmidt

YEAR, awesome, i#m checking this out since a few minutes. its absolutely awesome. thank you so much.

Le Sexoflex


Paulo Teixeira

I was a little surprised seeing the stats on a certain video page thinking did they really released the new stats package? and once I signed in and went to the front page, I said finally.

Tommy Penner Alum

Well-friggin-done everybody! I can't believe how comprehensive some of these statistics are.

Jeff Dougherty

My plus account expires in a few days and I wasn't going to renew for a while, but now I think I'll go ahead and renew. This is spiffatory.

Felix Sanchez

wow, just what I needed, the makes the plus membership worth it :O)

Luke Pygman

Hooray! Been waiting for this... Great job you guys, it's looking really really awesome!

Andrew Wilson

How is a load different from a play? Does it mean the loading of a video's webpage?

Benjamin Carroll

Sad face :(
One more reason to be plus! Time to go digging in the couch for some money.

Andrea Allen PRO

Hey Neal,
If you find $5 in that couch every month, you can afford Plus!

Matty Brown PRO

LOVE this! SO extensive! I could sit looking through it for hours, hehe.

Emily Qualey

Absolutely gorgeous.

I'm always like, yeah, those Vimeo cats are plugging away making good things, and then you actually hit us with something that totally exceeds my idea of "good."


Remyyy Plus

Exactly ! They're awesome(r) everyday !

Paulo Teixeira

Here's an idea. Vimeo should somehow enable the viewing of the new starts for that particular video so that non Plus users see it LIVE.

sam spreckley

umm, sounds great for plus users! ;)

i was just wondering though... why take away the embed stat thingy for free accounts ;( i loved that, so cool to see.. cant you put that back in... pweeees ;(

sam spreckley

thats great news ha ;) .. was a bit bummed out for a minute there... i know i need a plus account.. poor artist and all... ahem..

thanks for the reply Blake... keep up the good work ;)

Nilz Plus

I hope so. The FAQ says otherwise though:

"Why can't I see where my video is embedded?

Only Plus members are able to see exactly where their videos are embedded outside of If you're a Basic user, you will need to upgrade your account to Plus..."


These stats are amazing !
The first thing I've told myself when I saw that was : did they read in our minds ? Yesterday, I was looking for this function so I could know if the video played or not until the end. You made it !

Vimeo is definitly the best place to put our work on.

Congrats and thank you !
Vimeo Rocks !

Xavier Castro

Very cool and thorough in your implementation.

Acosta Productions


Brian Z

trans: "omg i think i just creamed my e-pantz"

Harald Walker Plus

Good job! I appreciate the extra information and you are presenting the data in nice way. Bravo.

beeple Plus

amazing work. this site that was already fucking fantastic just got even better!

Emrys Roberts Plus

Sweett!!! I've been waiting for this ever since you guys hinted in the roadmap. :)



Matt S

Really love this. I am an information junkie and today I got my fix thanks to Vimeo. Nice!


Yeah. Much respect. I always had a hunch I needed to push my marketing drive in Venezuela a little harder!


Wow. Statistics are very detailed. Great job.

KS12 Plus

the wait was definitely worth it. thank you so much!

Brian Z

brilliant! saves quite a bit of headaches for analytics Thanks again

Brian Z

what are the chances we'll see specifics within the US.. states/city specific data?

dalas verdugo Alum

And Julia, and Dae, and Deb. Vimeo would not function without its incredible ladies. I know you didn't mean to leave them out, but it's a good opportunity to give a shout out :)

Jared Levy Plus

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Damn guys... shockingly awesomely great!

Nilz Plus

do the statistics tell you where within vimeo views are coming from? Like specific groups and channels?

Carlo Pico

I have a similar question.
I am not interested in statistics from my own videos but from my channel because right now they show me just the daily views but no more.

I get something for my channel if I go PRO?

Gracias Vimeo, los quiero mucho :)


that's one serious crutch you got rid of, forest! let's see if you can play with the big boys, now. time to generate some traffic and test this "beautiful, intuitive set of analytics" (wow, you're almost as immodest as me).

Coprod - CorentinZ Plus

Wouha... Thank you so much guys for this powerfull tool.
Question: is there a way to know the timeCode user stoped watching the video?

Coprod - CorentinZ Plus

Let's take a 3 minutes video duration. If, with the stats, I can see that everyone stop watching it at 1min30s, I would know that I have to improve the edit and/or footage of that part.

Is it understandable?

Daniel Hayek Staff

That's not available right now, but it's an interesting idea. We'll see, for now let's enjoy all these new tools for what they are.


Yes, would love to see at what part of the video people stopped watching. Y**Tube has a similar feature. Its quite informative.

Not to take away from the fun stats toys you've given us. Thanks so much!

Michael Rissi

Very good, great!
Is there a way to scale the y-axis of the graphs, otherwise one only sees the "load" graph, and the one for the "like" is completely invisible!

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