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And we're back!

Andrew Pile
August 27, 2008 by Andrew Pile Staff

It took most of the day but we've finally finished our big upgrade of all the hampster wheels that keep the lights on at Vimeo HQ. Uploads have been re-enabled. Things are still a little wonky in some areas and we're working quickly to clean them up.

Thanks for your patience!


Ayz Waraich Plus


Umm, what was the big upgrade? :) Or behind the scenes stuff?

Andrew Pile Staff

Moved the entire system from one datacenter across the country to another without any downtime.

Dan Huston

Is that like moving an entire continent? You guys work too hard...ha! Thanks for being so great!

Chris Gampat

wtf? Does Vimeo have a Ninja application I should've applied for?


clearly you would not be qualified. a true ninja would not need to ASK for the ninja application.

Chris Gampat

^ revealed himself to be the ninja that did the moving for vimeo...and hence broke the rules of the ninjas


I'm not able to recieve a confirmation email atm, I've tried several times so I thought i'd give you a heads up.

Andrew Pile Staff

Yes email is on hold for the next few minutes, in the mean time I've confirmed you.


Thank you! :)

Andrew Wilson Plus

Smart move! Faster servers will accommodate the impending influx of Vimeo Plus users and their larger videos, like ME! :D *hehe, unintentional Joker reference*

Jack Zhang

Well, here's another video sharing site that refers to hamsters...


*Thumbs up*


what system did you move?
The sound system?

Anthony Stauffer

Was hoping a pro account feature would sneak it's way into the caravan as you crossed the country....hehe

Cody Smith

i don't know why you posted this here, but you're right; it's hilarious!


yes, enjoyed that!

David Kartsonis

Ahhhhh!!!!! Where'd all my videos go?!?!?! Just kidding, impressive transition.

James Taylor

Hi, I was uploading when the system went away, but now that video is missing - do I need to upload again or will it re-appear?

James Taylor

Actually, I might have broken it - my history has the information about me tagging that video, but clicking on the link says "still processing"...

Phil Campbell - England

Wow. Phew, i thought you were gone or something - so does this mean that PRO/HD features are coming soon? :)


even if you were not gone for very long... I MISSED YOU SO MUCH VIMEO!!! :D

Andrew Wilson Plus

I suffered from Vimeo withdrawal! I drew the logo on every inch of every wall in my bedroom while muttering gibberish predicting the end of the world... but you're back, and I'm sane now! :D

Wolfgang Gabler Plus

Vimeo ist superaffentittengeil... that's German!

I'm curious if you'll find someone who is able to translate this... ;-))))

Anthony Meadows

Does Doc Manhattan work for you guys?
(ugghhh, I'm such a nerd)

Keep on rockin!

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