Last year we launched a Vimeo app on macOS (download here if you haven’t already). It’s a one-stop shop for all things Vimeo, right on your Mac. A place where creators can export directly from Final Cut Pro with advanced codecs, check notifications, copy embed codes, and much more.

But this blog post isn’t about what we’ve done. It’s about what we’re doing. And this week, we’re adding automatic uploading to the Vimeo app for macOS.

What’s auto-upload? It’s an ultra-fast, worry-free, totally secure way to backup and bulk upload your video files directly to Vimeo.

Now, you can create a synced folder on your computer, drop files into that folder (either straight from your camera or directly from your editing software), and they’ll automatically upload at lightning speed to Vimeo without any additional intervention.

The best part is that your files will continue to upload even if you lose wifi. So if you’re disconnected for any reason — power outage, dead battery, dog eats your router, whatever — your uploads will pick right back up where they left off once wifi is restored. No additional setup required.

Once your videos are uploaded, you’re instantly ready to send a review page, transfer files to teammates, give access to collaborators, or share them across your social channels with just one click.

Automatic uploading cuts a ton of unnecessary steps out of your process. No more opening up Vimeo in your browser and dragging your files in one by one. No more sitting next to the computer and watching as the status bar creeps forward. No more losing track of which videos have been added. With automatic uploading, you can drop files in a synced folder and get on with your life.

After all, the less time you have to spend nursing your uploads, the more time you’ll have to jog through the park, cook elaborate Italian meals, and most importantly, create more videos!

Auto-upload is one more way Vimeo is simplifying the way you and your team work. If you already have the app, look for the sync tab in your dropdown menu.

Download the Vimeo app for macOS to get started