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Behind the Vimeo: Justin Dickinson, Lead Designer

Zach Goodman
March 27, 2013 by Zach Goodman Alum

Welcome to the first installment of “Behind the Vimeo,” in which we interview the people who make this place. And who make it, um, special. Ever wonder about Lead Designer Justin Dickinson’s favorite Broadway musical? If so, scroll on!

How did you end up at Vimeo?
I've actually been a fan of Vimeo for a very long time, long before I worked here. I remember submitting a help request for a problem updating the email address on my account and getting a response from Blake [Whitman, VP of Creative Development], if you can picture a time when Blake was responding to help requests. The fact that a real person responded to my issue stood out to me. My desire to work at Vimeo was born.

But I came to NYC first to work at another startup. Said startup soon closed its doors, and as serendipity would have it, Vimeo was looking for a designer. The choice was clear. This was back in 2010 when Vimeo only had about 22 employees. That makes me a dinosaur considering our recent growth. [Ed.: We now have 75,000 employees, 53 human-esque plush robots, and one sentient vacuum cleaner.] [Other ed.: This is false.]

What do you do here? What's your favorite part about it?
I work on the design team and help design stuff. Over the years I've helped design products like PRO and Vimeo On Demand, design skinned pages [Ed.: These are pages that incorporate another company’s branding, not webpages with human skin grafted and/or removed.] for our awesome brand partners, designed mobile and TV apps, created two micro sites for the Vimeo Festival & Awards, and assisted with our marketing and ad sales efforts.

My favorite part is the design that happens outside of Photoshop: the user experience decisions on how something should work, who it's for, and the best way to design it. I also love working with our developers, project managers, and business people to learn more about all aspects of the business.

Tell us about your favorite video from the past month.
It's a tie. I like this video not for the violence, drugs, and various other adult situations, but because it's an amazing technical achievement. [Ed. The bosom-heavy thumbnail accounts for about 1% of the video.] I can't believe the amount of work that went into making this. My other favorite is this because I hadn't seen it before and I love finding old videos made in the Vimeo office.

What’s an embarrassing fact about you that you don’t want on the Internet?
I have no shame, so I don't care what gets published. I am a huge, unabashed, proud fan of Les Misérables and have been for almost 20 years. We covered it in an advanced reading class in junior high and I've been hooked ever since. No comment on the recent theatrical version.

What do you absolutely kick ass at?
Not ending sentences with prepositions! JK, I do that all the time in. I have a really useless and uncanny ability to remember actors' names, movie quotes, and song lyrics for TV shows, movies, and songs I haven't watched/listened to in years. Yet I forget people's names who I've just met. [Ed.: That should be “I forget the names of people whom I just met,” but we’re not correcting it.]

Where do you see Vimeo in 50 years?
Celebrating the vote for its 14th Grand Chancellor. (In approximately 36 years, we'll establish our own independent colony on a tropical island, underwater bubble-city, or soon-to-be-discovered planet.)


Justin Dickinson Staff

One world through video. I love Buenos Aires. If there was another question in this interview "where would you most like to travel for wine and steak?" my answer would've been "Buenos Aires".

Bart van der Gaag Plus

Someone must have some dirt on Justin that he doesn't want published? Shameless or not, surely no one is that squeaky-clean!

Bart van der Gaag Plus

I'm not going to answer that question on the interwebs! I'm not quiet as shameless as you. But for a sick puppy, you design like a God.

Remyyy Plus

Brilliant idea !! Nice to learn a little bit about all of you guys !!

Eddie Hughes

Today's my first time really checking this out.......Are there any tutorial videos floating about?

VideoMasters PRO

Justin, pray tell me - where did the name Vimeo come from . My guess is that it is a triple portmanteau - Video - Media- Online. Am I correct?

Anyway - I enjoyed your interview - lets have more of same!

Justin Dickinson Staff

It's also Video + me = Vimeo. It's also a riddle wrapped in an idea bathed in metaphor and baked in a portmantoven.

fabien normand

Very interesting, i love it, continue !! and great work mister Dickinson !!

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