Every month, the Vimeo Curation team finds the best short films on the internet and serves them up on a silver platter, a.k.a. the Best of the Month series. For a bite-size taste of essential watching, we present this playlist of our faves. Sit back, press play, and enjoy!

1. Weval — “Someday” from Páraic McLoughlin

Eye candy connoisseur Páraic McLoughlin has a gift for turning mundane objects — like pothole covers and freight cars — into mesmerizing stop motion animations. His latest short for Weval’s song “Someday” pushes the limits of his craft further, making this his fourth Staff Pick (and his third film to rank in our Best of the Month list).

2. “It’s Been Too Long” from Amber Shaefer

From Moroccan cafes to doomed boats, sketchy street corners to AOL, we’ve watched the greatest lovers in history meet anywhere and everywhere. “It’s Been Too Long” adds a retro-looking ski resort to that list, giving viewers an uncomfortably intimate look at the star-crossed reunion of its lead characters. Fun fact: The two are married IRL.

(Read more about “It’s Been Too Long” in our interview with the filmmakers, here.)

3. “Multiverse” from Hiroshi Kondo / SNTW

Crowded commutes have never been as mesmerizing as they are in this blurry-yet-beautiful piece, which was captured on the streets of Taiwan. Watch as hundreds of motor bikers melt into a moving river of rainbow colors.

4. “Albatross Soup” from Winnie Cheung

How many questions does it take to get to the bottom of a thought puzzle that’s twisted in both senses of the word? Director Winnie Cheung investigates in this delightfully dark descent into deductive reasoning.

(Read more about “Albatross Soup” in our interview with the filmmaker, here.)

5. “One Breath Around the World” from Les Films Engloutis

Husband-and-wife duo Guillame Néry and Julie Gautier are world class freedivers who make stunning films during their dives. This one, which was filmed by Julie and stars Guillame, follows the two as they explore undersea landscapes and dance with whales. It’s breathtaking — pun intended.

6. “Lavender” from Matthew Puccini / Searchlight Shorts

“Lavender” tells the story of a young gay man navigating a ménage à trois with an older married couple. Originally debuting at Sundance Film Festival, this unique love story has found its online home right here on Vimeo after an impressive run at SXSW, Aspen Shortsfest, and Montclair Film Festival.

(Read more about “Lavender” in our interview with the filmmaker, here.)

7. Scott Sports “Ransom // Speed” from SCRAP

When was the last time you watched an action sports flick with the ethereal beauty of a painting? Filmed in 16mm, this blink-and-its-gone bike video was made for the speed-thirsty.

8. FKA Twigs “Cellophane” from Andrew Thomas Huang

Director Andrew Thomas Huang first showed up on our radar with his viral eye fest “Solipisist.” In his latest piece, “Cellophane,” human athleticism and state of the art visual effects come together in one impressive music video.

9. “Retouch” from Kaveh Mazaheri

When Iranian director Kaveh Mazaheri debuted “Retouch” in 2017, it shocked audiences around the world. A complicated study of marital life in modern Iran, this slow-burning thriller dominated the festival circuit, taking home more than 45 international awards before its online premiere earlier this month. 

(Read more about “Retouch” in our interview with the filmmaker, here.)

10. “Opening Night” from Margaret Bialis

So much of how we behave is tied to unspoken feelings and hidden vulnerabilities. In “Opening Night,” sweetly insecure characters let their emotions run free. This is a charming musical that’s refreshingly far out.


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