Every month, the Vimeo Curation team finds the best short films on the internet and serves them up on a silver platter, a.k.a. the Best of the Month series. For a bite-size taste of essential watching, we present this playlist of our faves. Sit back, press play, and enjoy!

1. “Squirrel” by Alex Kavutskiy

With superb performances by Max Jenkins and Andrea Rosen, “Squirrel” centers around a woman, a car accident, and an inside joke involving the movie “Rat Race.” This LOL-worthy short shifts in tone from funny to vulnerable and back again.

(Read more about “Squirrel” in our interview with the filmmaker, here.)

2. “My Hyper Day” by JF1LMS (aka Juraj Prostinák)

Buckle up: You’re about to join creator Juraj Prostinák for a 24-hour day timelapse condensed into two very exciting minutes that feel more like a Disney ride than a travel video. 

3. “We the Bathers” by Phoebe Arnstein

From a breast cancer survivor in Sicily to buddhist monks in Japan, “We the Bathers” follows 14 subjects around the world as they contemplate the healing power of water and share their bathing rituals. Creator Phoebe Arnstein achieves an amazing level of intimacy with each subject, encouraging viewers to consider what water can unlock in us all. 

4. “(OO)” from Seoro Oh 

Animator Seoro Oh brings the painful sneezes, scratchy noses, and snot rockets that come with having rhinitis to life in his recent Staff Pick Premiere, “OO.” But don’t worry: you’ll be able to breathe a sweet sigh of relief when the journey is over. Unless, of course, you have a stuffy nose.

(Read more about “(OO)” in our interview with the filmmaker, here.)

5. “Welcome Home” from Armita Keyani

With natural performances and a plot line that begins when two Norwegian Jehovahs Witnesses knock on the door of an Iranian couple with broken English,  “Welcome Home” inspires the universal language of laughter in all who watch. 

6. “The Sound of Skateboarding – Tony Hawk” by Bonamaze

“The Sound of Skateboarding” is a super fresh approach to an action sports video, using samples from more than 650 sounds. Each whirr of rubber wheels, scratch of aluminum trucks, and expletive of frustrated skaters combines to create a skateboarding symphony in this fun visual remix. 

7. “PRE-DRINK” from Marc-Antoine Lemire

Winner of the 2017 TIFF Short Cuts Award for Best Canadian Short Film, “Pre-Drink” is a boundary-smashing drama centered around a first-time hookup between a young trans woman and her longtime bestie. 

8. “Two Dollars” from Emmanuel Tenenbaum

Equal parts funny and cringe-inducing, “Two Dollars” reveals the cutthroat relationships that can exist between coworkers. 

(Read more about “Two Dollars” in our interview with the filmmaker, here.)

9. “070SHAKE [NICE TO HAVE]” from Noah Lee

Creepy atmosphere and A+ technique make this music video from Director Noah Lee feel like a feature-length drama condensed into a 5-minute short.

10.“Dans les Vagues Noires des Premiers Océans (In the Black Waves of the First Oceans)” from Aurélien Rubod and Michaël Stroudinsky

A dazzling marriage between composer Michael Stroudinsky and animator Aurelien Rubod, “In the Black Waves of the First Oceans” will carry you to an enveloping daydream.

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