Every month, the Vimeo Curation team finds the best short films on the internet and serves them up on a silver platter, a.k.a. the Best of the Month series. For a bite-size taste of essential watching, we present this playlist of our faves. Sit back, press play, and enjoy!

Action Sports

“BROTHERS MCMORRIS – Episode 3 – ‘Springtime in Aspen,’” directed by David Ehrenreich

Superstar snowboard bros Mark McMorris and Craig McMorris invite ten rising star boarders to shred for their ESPN mini-series, and watching is *almost* as fun as hitting the slopes with ‘em.


Limbo Limbo Travel” from Lardux Films, directed by Zsuzsanna Kreif and Borbala Zetenyi

In a country where men are more in love with their gadgets than with their female counterparts, a group of lonely and disillusioned ladies bus themselves to an island where they can freely hunt wild, mustachioed dudes.

Michel Le Berger” from Collectif 99 degrés, directed by Valentine Vendroux and Raphaël Jouzeau

A sad little shepherd can’t get his unwieldy sheep to stop bullying him. Thanks to a pile of magical rocks speaking adorable jibberish, the poor old man finds away to get his fluffy minions moving.

Branded Content

Sundays At The Triple Nickel” from Stept Studios, directed by Jess Colquhoun

Since her son’s untimely death on a Sunday in 1992, Marjorie Eliot has been hosting a Sunday jazz party in her Harlem living room. Crown Royal supported this gorgeous documentary that shares Marjorie’s touching story of healing through art and community.

(Read more about “Sundays At the Triple Nickel” in our blog post, here.)


Former Cult Member Hears Music For The First Time,” directed by Kristoffer Borgli

A Sundance 2020 short that we couldn’t wait to share via Staff Picks, this hilarious mockumentary made its debut as a Staff Pick Premiere less than a month after it was introduced to the world in Park City.

(Read more about “Former Cult Member Hears Music For the First Time” in our interview with the filmmaker, here.)


Anatomy of Hate” from The Marshall Project, directed by Emily Kassie

On February 10th, 2015, three Muslim students were murdered in their home over a parking spot. The murderer, Craig Hicks, was a white man who had shared racist posts on his Facebook page in the past, so why wasn’t this tragedy labeled a “hate crime?” This engrossing doc by The Marshall Project investigates.

America, As In Us.” from Even/Odd, directed by Mohammad Gorjestani and Andrew Batista

It’s clear that production studio Even/Odd view their subjects through a lens of warmth and compassion. “America, As In Us” is no exception, presenting five vignettes of immigrants doing their best to stay optimistic despite the Trump administration’s proposed policies.


Mobile,” directed by Truls Krane Meby

As a young Syrian refugee adapts to life on a new continent, he must also help his family travel from their homeland to the safety of Norway solely via mobile phone.

(Read more about “Mobile” in our interview with the filmmaker, here.) 


Dior – Glitter,” directed by Studio L’Étiquette

Studio L’Étiquette fills the daily sparkle quota you didn’t know you had with dazzling style and sex appeal.

Plus Device – Our Pleasures,” directed by Richard Lord

It’s as if a witch threw worms, dragon eyes and cauliflower in a cauldron, and the result was this CG nightmare. You may look away, but these purple iris’ will still be looking at you 👁️.

Music Video

Salvatore Ganacci – Boycycle” from Business Club Royale, directed by Vedran Rupic

Vedran Rupic is a madman, and we’re so glad he’s also a filmmaker. Press play to lose yourself in another one of his perfectly executed, crazy ideas.


Commute,” directed by Scott Lazer

Traveling through New York’s famous Penn Station is like wading through a storm before the calm. Just ask Empire State resident Scott Lazer, whose candid visual essay on this giant human maze explains the heart-racing experience in entertaining detail.


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