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Can we fool you?

Blake Whitman
March 31, 2008 by Blake Whitman Alum

Yes, it is April Fools day.

No, the site isn't redirecting you to BoobTube or anything.

But... we do have a little surprise for those of you with keen eyes and Sherlock-like wits.

We, the Staff, collectively challenge you all to a treasure hunt of sorts. Somewhere in the dungeons of Vimeo, perhaps where you least expect it, perhaps closer than you could ever imagine, lies a quirky little April Fools tweak to the site.

We challenge you.... no, we double-dog dare you to find it.

The first to do so, will win 500mb extra storage a week. Those who do not, will be banned from Vimeo FOREVER!


Soxiam Staff

i'm selling the secret on ebay. low reserve! buy it now for 2 dollars!

Underground Planet Plus

God I hate this already, I don't wanna look but I hafta.

Sox, whats the damn link to your auction? Screw it, I'll pay!

- Ray

Caroline Martin

Is it that the vimeo logo is no longer red? Because I've been waiting for an "APRIL FOOLS!" on that one for a long time. :(


tools: edit this page?!

I'm bad at these things and it could have been there for days.


that's what I guessed on tumblr

Allex Radu

The hunt is in vane, the April fools joke is that nothing has changed, nobody will win, nobody will loose.

Kevin Mosley Plus

I hope it's a really cool video.

That would make sense.

I wanted to be stunned by what I see on the screen.

Allex Radu

This may be, because i didn't subscribe to anything, but i think this isn't new.

Andrew Pile Staff

Haha yeah this isn't so much a new trick as a longstanding bug!


Yeah, I've laughed at that ever since I joined.

Although it was disheartening the first time - from 69 messages to 0? That hurts.

Jack Zerby Alum

I know the headers at the top of page sometimes are hex color #17495, but should all be #3E3E3E. Wait no thats my fault.

F and J

Che hubnut? .. is that it..or the Forever ban

Allex Radu

The "Forever Ban" part everybody know is a joke, vimeo won't compromise ad revenue over a April 1 day.
The part of 500MB could be real, but in this day you really don't know.

Cherry Vega

The vimeo logo is black and not blue. That can't be it though...


Haha I found it, good one! but I really don't deserve/need that extra storage space so I'm gonna sit quiet on it for now.


Ha, I was looking at that this morning. totally bizarre.

but is it an april fools joke, who knows.

on the hill films

This reminds me of that time I won a trip to Albany in fourth grade. My friends and I used our parents' money to buy candy cigarettes, which were real big back in 1989, and on the way home on the bus, I got gum stuck in my hair. One of the parents had to cut it out, but she didn't have scissors, so she used keys. I bled profusely that day. But I will always remember it. Much like the day I received an additional 500mb on Vimeo. Hopefully it will last forever, unlike that fateful trip to Albany. I wish there were digital cameras back then. Then I would be able to post videos of those hallowed halls.


who was the guy who won 7 gold medals in one year? mark spitz? ..err?
oh, i forget.

Soxiam Staff

no, the question was where is it linked from within

Caroline Martin

Oh, I just thought you were trying out the Bearded Lady Godiva look.


i figured it was just a relaxed dress code....

Allex Radu

The video at the bottom of the page /vip was the entire joke, or the page itself? Because i never seen that page before.


Number 1. The sentence "Those who do not, will be banned from Vimeo FOREVER!"


Number 2. There is not a april fool, you are just trying to get us to search and search after nothing!

Karyn B

Well, listen, I'm not sure if someone already won because this thread was way too long for me to read. But here's what I noticed:

The picture of all the people at the bottom of the Vimeo welcome page, the people hanging out at the drive-in... I thought the kid on the left was robbing those two people with a gun. But then I realized... ah ha! He's holding a video camera.

I totally thought that was it. I thought he was holding them up.

But he was just videotaping them because, you know, this is Vimeo.

Blake Whitman Staff

Ok, jokes up, we've been found!

For those of you who haven't put it together, the tweak is the Elliot Spitzer avatar on the About page. Which links you to this

Nice job people, nice job.

Chris Gampat

you added vimeo basics to the help page scroll down

Electric Blue Media Plus

I could deal with a dare, even a double dare, but a double-dog dare?! You guys are ruthless!


Erick C. Plus

i dont know if this contest is over BUT i think the font size on the third page when you do a search for "dingus" is gah bah bah bah bah doo dee doo dee doo. the answers on this post were hilariously dorktastic!

Dennis Bunn

um my computer might be retarted but umm is it u cant log out? im prolly just retarted and cant find the button but the one i did find wouldnt let me click on it


i tried to mention that problem to soxiam, actually, but i think he just thought i was nuts. :) i'll have to find a way to screen capture to video so i can post a video on that bug.


An erotic angry sheep in the woods who's mother was killed by a butterfly.
Classic! :)

shannon patrick

I played this video 5 times yesterday then continued to search the entire site and eventually gave up after being unable to confirm the "treasure", was there a time limit or something?

I'm using firefox with adblock plus but even tried turning it off while searching.

Jacobus Spades

Is it that I had a difficult time clicking the "My Subscriptions" button on the drop down menu, then discovering that I had "69" subscriptions despite not having any at all?

Kurtis Chen

i think i found it. when you type in a wrong video url theres a message that is:
"When I die I don't need no fancy pine box
Throw my body in the Buick tune the radio to classic rock"
Is that it???

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