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Canon COMPACT-SERVO zoom lens, ME200, and ME20 gear reviews

Andrea Allen
May 3, 2016 by Andrea Allen PRO

What gear we review: Canon COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF, ME20F-SH, and ME200S-SH.

Who it’s perfect for: The COMPACT-SERVO zoom lens is ideal for indie and documentary filmmakers who need an easy-to-operate lens, as well as a wide range and full control over aperture, zoom, and focus. The ME20F-SH are great cameras to rent for niche, nighttime or low-light shoots, while the ME200S-SH is a better option for those on a budget.

The Vimeo take: The COMPACT-SERVO zoom lens is super cool. It’s parfocal, which means when you zoom in on a subject, find focus, and zoom back out, it will maintain that focus. The lens has a big range and uses Cine gears, but is fairly lightweight considering its size and feature set. We’re very happy Canon equipped the lens with a Servo zoom for finger-zoom control — just like our old camcorders!

The ME20F-SH is a little beast that can basically see in the dark with an ISO of four billion. This full-frame HD camera records to an external drive, and it’s small to boot, which means it’s easy to mount on a jib or crane … in outer space.

The ME200S-SH is kind of like the little sister to the ME20. Similar in size and body type, this camera has professional outputs like SDI for broadcast and high-quality video recording. This camera is not full frame, so the smaller sensor also means a smaller ISO. But it’s still super high compared to a lot of other similarly priced cameras.


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Gary Rifat Plus

Please vimeo edit the sound the interviewer is to loud compared to the person being interviewed whome can hardly be heard

PiD Media

Is there a non edited version of the interview?
Short n snappy is fine, but it felt like there was more information not shown - The titles and announcement vision of the first 26 seconds could have been done with a 7 to 10 second lower third to get to the interview content quicker ;)
I'd love to hear about the other lens that was over on the ME200 with what looked to be a B4 to EF adapter.
Wait, hit paused the second time through, it's just the over-priced MTF unit.
(When the adapter cost more then most camera's it'd be useful on, and more then half of what the rest cost, it's over-priced)

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