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Channels 2.0 coming soon!!!

Kevin Sheurs
February 4, 2009 by Kevin Sheurs Alum

As you may have recently heard, Channels 2.0 has been in development for a few months now and it will be released soon. Soon as in next week!!! We've developed a ton of new features that you're going to love, but if you have a Channel you should also know a few things might change.

We launched the first version of channels over a year ago, and there are now about 17,000 Channels! While the response and usage has been great we think Channels were over loaded with too many features that had little to do with videos. Specifically, forums, blogs, files, and calendars are a big distraction on most Channels, and are hardly ever used.

So we created Vimeo Groups. Just like how Channels are all about showcasing videos and control of their appearance, Groups are about fostering community and interaction. Groups allow you to create mini communities within Vimeo around the things you like, and meet people who share your interests.

With Channels 2.0 we've cut out the extraneous stuff and gone back to basics. We'll be eliminating forums, blogs, files, and calendars and have added three amazing layout modes which showcase videos clearly and beautifully. We've also added the ability to arrange videos within your Channel, the ability to feature videos in your Channel, categories, tags, and improved customization and themes.

Once we upgrade to Channels 2.0, all existing Channels will be updated. If you have a Channel that makes heavy use of forums and files, you can easily convert it to a Group. Just go to your Channel Settings -> Convert to Group. All of your data will transfer over.

Please post any questions you have here and we'll be happy to help you out! We're looking forward to seeing more awesome Channels on Vimeo!





Will create channel right now!

Blake Whitman Staff

they aren't out yet, this is a preview and a warning for those who have channels aready. Channel 2.0 will launch sometime next week.


I know, I'll create it to see changes.

Mark Schoneveld

Mockups looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the live ones. :)

Wingsuit Jeff Nebelkopf

I would like the option of being able to customize my channel with a blog and calender I created "The Wingsuit Channel" and am not sure I want it converted into a group. The new features look great.

mike ambs

I concur :) Being able to pick what shows up first in the main window would be handy.

Also - hmm... I'm wondering how many other people would find this handy. But I have one channel for every video related to our film... wether it's a teaser, or a vlog, or an episode.

But it would be cool if we could have featured tags, or just a way to filter the content in the channel in a "featured" kind of way. :P

If that makes any sense...

Soxiam Staff

mike, i'm not sure if this is exactly what you're talking about but... channels 2.0 will include an option to make one video "sticky" that always shows up as the first video when you enter the channel.

Grande Dame Plus

today my videos keep disappearing from my channel... is it because of this change??? just curious, as i am putting up lots of links to my channel, and obviously want the videos to show up....

Kevin Sheurs Staff

nothing has changed i am not sure what this is a result of. i will take a look for you though!

New Films

looking forward to bigger and better things from you guys. Thanks.

Josh Helfferich

The idea of an HD video as a "header image" is fantastic. I can't wait!

Mark PRO

Sweet! (And hopefully with this will come cleaner scaleable thumbnails? As you can see in the 3rd screenshot, it looks terrible)

Luke Pygman

Hurray! Yet another reason Vimeo is the best site on the planet...

Sean Blevins Plus

Pretty's good to see those with files, blogs, etc. won't have to loose the stuff if they don't want to.

Clan McCloud

Lovin' the new layout. Can't wait for channel 2.0 to launch!

Wingsuit Jeff Nebelkopf

I am wondering if it is possible to still have a blog and calender on your channel it seems that there will still be a shout out box and moderator box. it would be nice to have this as an option so the channels can be customized more. If you look at my channel you can see I make use of these features and I am sure other channels do as well. It would be nice to have just as an option.
Thank you

Andrew Pile Staff

No need to double post Jeff. Like the post said, if you want that stuff you'll have to make it a Group. Only a handful of Channels use those features and we think a year of usage has proven that they're not worth maintaining and fall out of the scope of what Channels should be.

Erick C. Plus

Seems like the Wingsuit Channel will work really well as a Group, no?


cowabunga !

Ian Lucero Plus

Channels 2.0 looks really good. I like the 3rd layout the most. Exactly how i'd like to set-up a channel. Awesome!

Matt Schwarz Staff

Great upgrade guys. The layout styles are beautiful, UI improvement looks very fun.

It's a physical impossibility for Vimeo to design something that isn't attractive.

Erick C. Plus

looks sweet even though i might have to re-do my banner (waaaaaaaa!). thanks for keeping the shoutbox!

Charles Huettner

When I tried to make a channel about a month ago i was excited at the prospect of the "files" bar. I thought it would be cool to show my music videos of my songs in the channel and then if someone wanted they could download the .mp3. But the "files" option never worked in my channel. I'm sad to see that it's going away all together.

Charles Huettner

no offence, but i dont like groups. but, vimeo is still the best video service around, so, I cant say im not happy.

N. Q.

I have a QUESTION. I am not a Plus member and I cannot afford it in near future. I have one group and one channel created by me. Then how will I convert my channel to a group if I have a limitation??? Thanks!

Kevin Sheurs Staff

ah great question! i have confirmed that you still can convert your channel to a group, even if you already have one. however, this will only be like this until channels 2.0 launches.

N. Q.

Sounds just great! Thanks!



I'm pumped

Ryan Mackfall PRO

im so excited about this, the channels look so so good! Well done guys. I love this site I don't know where I'd be without it!

mike ambs

I'm very excited about this :)

Off our Project Pedal blog we link to our Vimeo channel for all our videos - and this is a much sexier way to present everything.

Great work! *thumbs up*


seems nice! also, I saw one of my favourite videos in previews, "city of love" by leonardo dalessandri :)

Herluf Hermansen

This sounds like a very sensible decision. Channels are channels and groups are groups. I am a fairly inexperienced vimeo user and really had a hard time figuring out what the difference between channels and groups was.

There ought to be a difference and with this move, there is. Good work.

Soxiam Staff

thanks for your input. yes, that was one of the major issues we were trying to address with this release and we will continue to differentiate the 2 products in our future releases to make them unique and useful in different ways.

Paul Whittington

Yeah, I too had a hard time figuring the differences between channels/groups - but Channels 2.0 sounds like a great improvement - good work guys, looking forward to it!

Mattia Pelli

i've made a channel to promote my film ( with trailers and special content. But I want also to collect comments and videos from other people about the facts of my doc. So I want to connect a group to my channel, for this is very important for me to have the possibility to link my channel with my group... It will be possible with channel 2.0?

Alan Natale

The layout with the big-ass vid on top is great.

IIP / Video Production Plus

Ahh... yes! Re-arranging videos will be especially helpful.

Look for our new Channel (featuring great videos from the State Dept.) as soon as it's available.

Thanks for always improving our experience Vimeo!


Still don't understand why you need to draw a line in the sand between groups and channels. What the groups product needs is what your doing with Channels 2.0 in addition to forums etc. Why can't your default channel 2.0 be what you laid out (for ease of use)... and allow people to be able to add the other tabs ie forums with a click of a box. It's kind of annoying that rather than make the interface additive you're taking things away in their entirety.

My biggest plight with groups is the lack of "channel" functionality around video organization and the front page. Why the need to "brand" and prohibitively design them when they should be able to flow between each other from a programming standpoint.

Hoping you reconsider it from a user standpoint rather than your design groups conclusions and preconceived notions of user behavior or desired behavior.

Can someone point me to a high traffic group that actually functions and builds community... because maybe I'm doing something wrong but I feel the group product doesn't work since it doesn't give the moderator control over the front page in any real way.

Soxiam Staff

mutcluck. i think we've had this discussion elsewhere before so forgive me if this sounds redundant.

the decisions to go back to a simpler version of channels as a personal curating tool *was* based on what we found out from actual user behavior.

here are some groups where you will get a general sense of highly traffic'd groups:



Checked out a couple. Thanks Soxiam. I feel like even for the most subscribe groups... the forums, comments within groups are underwhelmingly used in terms of metrics. The reason being is that the moderator doesn't have some level of home page control. Being able to make certain videos and or topics sticky/featured on the home page will allow leaders to direct the flow of the crowd and give a reason for the member to visit regularly.

Another major flaw with groups is the mass message functionality. Currently people use groups to spam there videos with one click without even having to visit the group (not very encouraging toward fostering community)... but a moderator doesn't even have the ability to send a message/email to all its members at the same time to get everyone to participate in something.

That's a major flaw with groups... and since the front page isn't a place to view moderated content with the current group set up, people just join groups to spam them with videos, not to actually discover videos and or collaborate. Groups as they function now are just spam depositories and poorly crowd sourced channels. They need and could work so much better.

Why can't you all just allow users to add the forums tab or calendar tab to Channels 2.0 if they so choose. That's the kind of group functionality I want... (Front page control... with a forum tab) not the junk collective that is my group now.

Soxiam Staff

you've made some good points.

re: group > subscribers mass notification system... our current thinking on this is that the risk is just great. more accurately the risk would be too great if it became commonly misused.

re: featured videos for groups... it's something we've discussed internally and would like to implement. it just sort of got dropped down in the priority list. we will revisit it.


Thanks for reading the above Soxiam.

I wish you would rethink the mass notification system. As long as with one click, a user can a) not get email notification(I have almost all mine turned off), b)not get an actual vimeo mail when bulk sent and c)completely unsubscribe from the group in its entirety- moderators and creators will use it sparingly to avoid alienating core users or else there groups will cease to function.

Stephen Lewis

This looks amazing! Thanks for your hard work!

AdamPellinDeeve Plus

I'm looking forward to see the new Channel features. I'd like it if there were a way of pressing play and the videos playing one after another until you want to stop. Similar to how widgets for Channels work. Will anything like this be a feature?

Taylor Martyn Plus

Any chance we can embed something like the 'gallery' in the screen shot on the far right?

can you explain this gallery a bit? Are their different views for Channels?

Soxiam Staff

yes it will be one of 3 view modes available for the channels v2.


I´m agree with Koppeltje16, It looks great!!!...go on guys you make the difference!!!

Colin Hoernig

The new ones look amazing. Great job. As a web designer and developer myself, I appreciate good work, and this is definitely good work.

Hox Vox

I can't create a channel: I click on the apt button but nothing happens, seems there's no link attached. I tried with various browser, Chrome, IE, firefox, nothing again.

It's because of Channel 2.0 coming?

Zachary Seldess

I'm experiencing the same behavior - when I try to create a channel, there's a button that seems inactive. Hopefully it's related to the upcoming update.

Mike Helms

Looks awesome!!! I think I've gots my design chosen'!!? ;p thanks for the hard work'!

B Unis

Nice layouts, and no objections here to dropping the features that nobody has used in my 3 channels, at least.

Groups have been the way to go for months now, at least when it comes to collaborative efforts, so hopefully the losses will be minimal for anyone who has been using the prior feature set?

Persistence of Vision Plus

Is there any setting capabilities to change from a light background to dark? Tell me you can have something other than white!!!

tom lew

This seems like an awesome way to showcase videos. Exciting stuff!

George Toledo

What the hell? Since when is cutting back on features a good thing? I had just found that this was possible, and thought it was a great feature, and now you are saying you are going to take it away because many people don't use it. Thanks.... and in lieu of the features you are taking away, you are giving some templates. Wowee. Excuse the sarcasm, but that is just lame. (hmmm, just found out that Twitter can do HD now... because THIS and OTHER GLITCHES have inspired me to look elsewhere).

George Toledo

I apologize for the terseness of my comments, but you guys have been hitting on some pet peeves lately.

Soxiam Staff

i understand your frustration. few decisions we make will please everyone and we understand that. it just so happens that featuritis and holding onto things when they're not being used because we've built them is one of our pet peeves.

Wray Bowling

I liked those old features, like the forum, but you're right. No one ever posted anything on them, so probably good thing they're gone.

Article19 PRO

does "this week" mean the same as "soon" did with the Plus roll out to the rest of planet earth? Or will it really be this week?

Daniel Hayek Staff

If the hamsters are all in alignment it'll be sooner than you think ;)

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